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"The origins of all the citizens of the Empire of Mankind and the other Lewis Nations are to be found here. It all started with the colonization of the Lewis Galaxy and right now, Trillions of Human beings scattered across several thousand galaxies of the universe can trace their ancestors back to this planet. A haven for refugees from several devastating ancient wars, coming from torn-worlds of a decadent Confederacy. Survivors, Entrepreneurs, Explorers, Colonist, Travellers... that's what we, Anar sons, are. Happy to be back home" - Vera Collins, Imperial Ambassador.

Anar is one of the Embassy worlds of the Empire of Mankind in the Boreal Federacy, and is located in Via Aylathiya, in the Beren System. It was colonized prior to the Anarian Fever Crisis, with refugees from the main world's affected by the conflict. It also grew by taking many refugees from the War of the Final Transition, prior to the events that lead to an exodus to Elpida in the Lewis Galaxy.

The first colonists arrived around the end of the First Galactic War and soon many others followed after the economic calamity that hit many Human nations during and after the end of the First Galactic War.

This world was heavily affected by the Anarian Fever. Soon after, many of the survivor colonist left for the Lewis Galaxy, and came to found the Empire of Mankind due to discontent with how the Confederacy had handled the plague that ravaged Anar.

The Planet belonged to Confederacy of Borealis until it was later ceded to the Empire of Mankind as an embassy world inside Confederate territory, due to the common cultural and historical ties between this planet and the Empire. After the formation of the Boreal Federacy, its status as an embassy remained unchanged from the previous government.


The Planet has two dwarf moons: Euphoria and Juliet. Different space stations have been established in these moons for military and commercial purposes.

The planet has four continents: Zoria, Odan Taya and Lissia.

  • Lissia is the biggest one and the most populated with a savanna style climate and vegetation. It was the first to be settled and was covered in farms and agricultural production. Most of the inhabitants were descendants from the early colonist, refugees from the First and Second Galactic Wars. Later on, some more refugees from the Third Galactic War, the Second Intergalactic War and the War of the Decamillennial Transition settled here.
  • Taya is a mild-temperate continent, with temperate forest and beautiful scenery, while becoming colder and more tundric towards the pole. The planet was mostly populated by refugees from the War of the Decamillenial Transition as well as settlers from Lissia and some small number of refugees from the Second Intergalactic War.
  • Odan is quite arid and was uninhabitable for most of the early history of the colony. Settlers from Lissia, Taya and Zoria moved in the continent, unleashing the until now unknown Anarian fever. Prior to this event, some colonist already inhabited the shores of Odan, most of which were descendant from refugees of the First, Second and Third Galactic Wars.
  • Zoria on the other hand is mild-cold and tundric and is located near the pole. Large Mining and other important resources brought settlers from Lissia into this continent and later, many refugees from the Third Galactic war and to a lesser extend from the War of the Decamillennial Transition settled here.


The planet was colonized by refugees running away from a large-scale war known as the Un'oit invasion's in 9866 CE. Settlers came from different planets that were heavily affected by the conflict. Also some of the settlers arrived soon after, between 9880 CE and 9897 CE, due to the economic turmoil that affected the galaxy, although in general, the settlers were few. Later on, other refugees from another, larger war joined the colonist of Anar. The planet was considered a good haven of peace, since the planet was consider unimportant and far from other populated areas.


The Colonization had no major issues and for most of the following milenia, the Planet remained a small colony. One out of the many worlds of the Confederacy. The colony was peaceful and remained quite isolated for most of the wars and major events of the Confederacy, leaving the planet largely intact. Anar was far from Alien nations and far from the center of the Confederacy and thus, from its most important and populated worlds. This turn out to be a blessing for the Planet since it maintain conflict away from Anar.

The Anarian Fever

Things were going to change, once the expansion onto the Odan continent began in big scale in 12 120 CE. The continent had been sparsely populated and mostly unwanted for settlement due to its arid climate. Till then, most people lived mostly in Taya and Lissia. Little settlement existed in Odan during this time, but minerals and other resources were found and attracted many to the continent and millions flocked into Odan. Soon settlers started to suffer from a mysterious disease, native to the planet, called the Anarian Fever. This unknown deadly sickness started to expand throughout the planet. The Confederacy soon reacted and a blockade was set on the planet and the colonist movement, to constraint the disease and limit its expansion. The Anarians grew up discontent and angry with the Confederacy, thinking they were abandoned and let down by the authorities.

Out of 700 million people on the planet prior to the time of the Anarian fever, 300 million people died, until a cure for the disease was found. The remaining 400 million were angry and soon decided to break out from the Confederacy and leave. They started building ships and got with the newly developed technology known as Hyperdrive. Those discontent with the Confederacy soon departed for a new home in a far away Galaxy. The chosen galaxy was the Lewis Galaxy, and soon the discovery of Elpida and it settlement by Anarian colonist soon began thanks to the improvement of Hyperdrive technology. Five big colony ships were built and around 200 million settlers, or half the population of Anar, left for the Lewis Galaxy in 12 166 CE.

The settlers that remained in Anar did so either because they grew to accept and content themselves with the authorities for what they have done, or had grew to love their planet too much, and even if they were discontent with the authorities, did not want to leave their homeland. Others were just too old or had too many interest in the planet to leave it all behind.


Many centuries later, the Empire of Mankind, a nation built up by the Anarian colonist that left the Planet long ago contacted the Confederacy for peace talks. The meeting of both delegation took place in Anar. The planet was offered as a sign of goodwill by the Confederacy to the Empire of Mankind and the planet voted to join the Empire, winning by a great margin and soon Anar joined the Empire of Mankind as an Embassy World for the Confederacy. After joining the Empire, it has become a tax haven for companies of the Confederacy.


Most of the Settlers, up to 81% of them had Caucasian origin, with a minority of them having some East Asian 10% and Indian Origin 5%, with a small 3% coming from African background and the remaining 1% having different origins.

Flora and Fauna

The Aforia is one of the main agricultural plants of the planets, that was exported to other Planets, mainly in the Lewis Galaxy by colonist, for agricultural purposes. Most of the Lewis Galaxy has been somehow contaminated by Flora and to a lesser extent by fauna from Anar. In some ecosystems they are controlled strictly, in others it has well adapted to the ecosystem and in some it had to be wipe out so the local environment remained untouched.