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Massive effort was conducted by Anarian Scientists to stop the disease.

The Anarian Fever Crisis is one of the main incidents occurring on the world of Anar, pivotal to the events leading to the formation of the Lewis Nations. It took place between some where around 19,927 CE until 20,020 CE in Via Aylathiya.

The Anarians had endured hardship caused by a war they were fighting, but its location had spared the planet, for the most part, of any war incident. Because of this, many refugees settling in Anar. Prior to that, the planet had a low population and most of it was rural.


With the arrival of refugees en masse, many settled all along the undiscovered and largely unknown continent of Odan. The continent had been sparsely populated and mostly unwanted for settlement due to its arid climate. Till then, most people lived mostly in Taya and Lissia. Little settlement existed in Odan during this time, but minerals and other resources were found and attracted many to the continent and millions flocked into Odan. Soon settlers started to suffer from a mysterious disease, native to the planet.

Sadly, the continent hide a mortal weapon. A biological one. Known as the Anarian Virus. (Carvin-77). It is still unknown if the virus was a native of the world of Anar and was discovered and contracted by new inhabitants in the frontier or a deadly biological weapon hidden in Odan by an unknown entity thousands of years ago and unleashed accidentally by new-coming settlers. Whether if it was intentional or natural, the Anarian virus spread quickly among the Anarian population. Soon the planet was forbidden from entering contact with any other world and was basically isolated and quarantine to avoid the virus to spread.

The most deadly years occurred between 19,927 CE and 20,000 CE. Large swaths of the population died to the disease, and many more died to the resulting blockades created by other nations to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. Unlike any previously encountered disease, it seemed to blend into host cells in such a way as to prevent nanites from terminating the pathogen.


During the event, half of the population of Anar died. Almost 3 Billion people out of 6 billion. Most of the people remaining, either became immune or were on time to received a cure and/or a vaccine. In addition to this terrible tragedy, the war was still in place which made the assistance (that otherwise could have been provided quickly and effectively) impossible to receive. The Planet had been left isolated to their own fate. The cure was researched in Anar by a join effort of Anarian scientists proper and was developed by the settlers themselves. This led to the believe that the Authorities of the galaxy were not able to provide anymore for them. That the nation they belong to had failed them.

Disenchanted, they started the Abeona Initiative, which attracted the eyes of many suffering worlds who wanted to scape the conflict as well. Finally, explorations through the Wormhole known as the "Eye of Freedom" led to the creation of the so called Twelves Colonyships of the Forefathers, that led humanity through the wormhole into the Lewis Galaxy. 8 Billion people settled in the newly discovered world of Elpida initiating the creation of the Lewis Nations.

Out of the 6 billion people originally in the world of Anar, half of them died of the disease. This left 3 billion survivors in Anar, 2 billion of which left with the Abeona initiative leaving 1 billion behind. The planet would recover after the war and was rejoined with the Empire of Mankind and the Intergalactic Federation millennia later, leading to the secession of Anar from the Confederacy and its integration into the Lewis Nations, acting as an embassy world from then on.