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"I hate mud, its sticky, gross and it gets everywhere!" - Tourist


Anarvis, also known as Anarvos, is a Terrestrial Planet located in the Coursillius Sector of Jewel Cluster in the Eulciar Galaxy. The planet is also the Homeworld of the Arnarvians, a short-tempered yet intelligent species known for their architecture and legendary ships.

Anarvis is about 13,850 Km and is mostly covered in swamps and wetlands. It is common to have days-long rainstorms. The planet is also covered in many Space Stations and patrolled by many Fleets of the Federation, as well as the Anarvis Sector Security Forces.

Anarvis city, with the Government Tower in the back.

Early History

The early years of Anarvis were chaotic, with different clans going to war with each other's. The earliest signs of unification were in 49,000 CE, when they began constructing space fearing vessels and began to colonize nearby worlds. First outside contact was in 50,142 CE with the nearby world of Coursillius and Streletania. Anarvis Yards was founded shortly after this and began producing small ships for the newly established Anarvis System Defense Forces, with their first taste of combat being in the Assault in the Coursillius sector in 86,120 CE, with the newly introduce Anarvis Cruiser Series. They assisted the weakened defenders in repelling the forces along with the Volkania Republic. These events lead to the Anarvians' reputation of sheer ferocity to defend what they believe in, as entire fleets would fight till the last ship, and fighters would ram into enemy ships. Their massive help in the defense lead to the Voloran Armada to retaliate by attempting an orbital bombardment of Anarvis, but was repelled by the ASDF and the combined forces of the Coursillius sector.

Joining the Federation

Anarvis was reluctant to join the Federation but was eventually convinced by the Vice Chancellor at the time, who was a Anarvian from the planet Chol in the Federation Core convinced the Council to join the Federation in 91,012 CE. This led to increased funding for the Defense Fleet and the federation acquiring the Anarvian Cruisers, and MSBC gaining the rights to produced licensed versions of the Cruisers and Patrol Craft.

Modern Day

Anarvis continues to be in the Federation. Anarvians and their ships make a good chunk of all the ships in the Starfleet. They are almost universally feared by the Alliance. Despite their ferocity, when not angry, Anarvians are pleasant to be around, and their ancient stories are the stuff of legends. Anarvis is well known as a tourist destination especially from its mud beaches.