100th Millennium Wiki

"Defending your system for millennium" -Short Motto

Anarvis Yards, also known as the Anarvis Shipyards, is a large shipbuilding corporation founded during the anarvian's early space era. It is unknown who exactly founded the company, but we do know that the Anarvis Council was partially responsible for the creation of the company. Anarvis Yards does not have a massive orbital ring like Magnillion, instead having numerous smaller shipyards thought-out Anarvis and its colonies and allied worlds, such as Hulistorm and Industria.

The company has a rivalry with MSBC, with Magnillion even trying to buy them out, but Anarvis refused. Anarvis Yards is the second largest ship manufacturer in the Jewel Cluster.

Anarvis Yards works very closely with Danruiphi Shipworks, a small shipwright from the planet Danruiphus. They also often collaborate with LasonMotors. Inc

Notable Products

Anarvian Light Cruisers: 750-Meter-long Light Cruiser made by Anarvis Yards. These series of cruisers are heavily armed and armored and shielded with powerful XGF Shields. 7 main variants exist.

Anarvian Medium Cruisers: 825-Meter-long Medium Cruiser also made by Anarvis Yards. These series of cruisers are far more powerful, but has significantly less Megalasers, instead trading destructive power for volta weapons. It also contains a much-sophisticated point defense system, a powerful XGF shield and Fesmoanium hull plating, and a state of the line missile defense systems. it also has 4 misslie launchers. 5 main variants exist.

Anarvian Heavy Cruisers: 900-Meter-Long Heavy Cruiser also made by Anarvis Yards. These series of cruisers are the heaviest of the Anarvis series of capital ships. Armed with heavy megalasers, volta cannons, point defense cannons, a large hangar bay, powerful XGF shielding and Fesmoanium hull plating. Usually used as an escort to the larger Immobilizer battlecruisers. 3 main variants exist.

Anarvian Battleships: 1,400-Meter-Long Battleship made as a competitor to the Metropolis and Immobilizer Series of capital ships. Armed with 14 dual megalasers, 4 triple megalasers and 18 heavy point defense guns. It also has 2 large hangars, 2 XFG Shield Generators and an extremely efficient reactor powering its 6 engines.

Anarvian Territorial Starfighters: Starfighters used by the Anarvis defense fleets, some Planetary Defense Forces and the Federation security forces. Armed with 2 laser cannons, a missile launcher and a large searchlight to patrol cities.

Anarvian Submersible Starfighters: An underwater version of the regular Anarvian Starfighter, which can submerge underwater and is equipped with waterproof parts, a Baxian Shield Generator and a more powerful searchlight.

Danruiphus-Class Frigates: 450-meter-long frigates made by Anarvis Yards with some components being made by Danruiphi Shipworks and XGF. Armed with 2 single megalasers, 4 light beam cannons, 4-point defense guns and powerful missile defense systems. Many instances of a fleet of these ships have been recorded of destroying ships much larger than itself.

Havonian Cruisers: 850-meter-long Medium Cruiser with the ability to broadside any ship it sees with its 16 Heavy Megalasers. Contains Average XGF shielding and Abralt hull plating, and is fast, but not very manuverable. Originally known as the Lobelia-Class cargo cruiser, combat versions were planned by MSBC, but stolen by Alliance Saboteurs, who jumped to the Anarvis system, where they were subsequently captured, and the plans were taken by AY. It gained it Havonian name from its heavy usage by Havonian crews. Also used by the Havonis Home Fleet,

Streletanian Support Ship: 650-meter-long Destroyer made by Streletanians working at Anarvis Yards. These ships match the architecture of Anarvis, but its interiors match Streletanian architecture. Its modifiable spaces allow it to be used for many tasks such as holding supplies, Volta cannons, Megalasers, Starfighters and Shuttles. The Stock model is weak against Capital ships, due to its low Megalaser count, but very effective against smaller craft, due to its 24-point defense guns. Also used by the Streletanian Defense Fleet.

Barellies-Class Medical Ship: 750-meter-long Light Cruiser made by Streletanians working at Anarvis Yards. These ships, unlike its Support Ship Counterpart, is based of Streletanian Architecture. It can hold up to 3,500 patients, and require a small crew of 200, plus all the medical staff. It is also armed with 4 heavy volta cannons, 6-point defense cannons and a tractor beam to rescue stranded ships.

Bax-Class Submersible Starfighter: Starfighter capable of underwater combat due to its reinforced waterproof coat of Fadrum hull plating and a Baxian Shield Generator. Most commonly see in water worlds such as Salmao, Pamoa, and on worlds with significant bodies of water. Armed with 2 laser cannons, a special underwater beam cannon and a light laser auto turret in the back. A great alternate to the Anarvian Submersible Starfighter.

Guardian-Class Patroller: A Starfighter mostly used by planetary and system security forces This ship actually has the exact same appearance as the Lobelian bomber, except it made with lighter Fadrum plating, an XGF shield, a missile launcher and the removal of the turret volta cannon. Armed with 2 laser cannons and 2 light fixed volta cannons.