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The blue shadowy nature of the Andremis

Andremis, alternatively called Bluespace is an alternative plane of existence coexisting with the Palioxis Starfield. Andremis is primarily utilized for travelling interstellar distances in short timescales. A Quantum Shift Drive is used to venture into Andremis by modifying phantom energy, causing ripples in space-time, through which the ship can enter the plane.

Andremis is composed of a seemingly eternal realm of misty, blue fog. Innumerable species of unseen cosmic aberrations inhabit Andremis. While several aspects of Andremis remain a mystery to astrophysicists and navigation experts, it is clear that it decreases travel times, allowing starships equipped with Quantum Shift Drives to travel light-years in minutes or even seconds. As a result, the community, commerce and trade, politics, and conflict of the Palioxis Starfield all rely on Andremis travel.


The stretching of stars when entering Andremis

Andremis is primarily utilized for short-term travel between the vast distances between stars. The spacecraft would travel to the direction that matched the path indicated in the navigational nomputer and engage the Quantum Shift Drive. During the leap to the Andremis, the spacecraft appears to speed so quickly that people on board may see the stars spread out in parallel lines.

A ship leaping to Andremis would appear to suffer a sudden, tremendous burst of speed and disappear from the physical world, and this apparent acceleration is also visible from outside the vessel.

Andremis routes are frequently plotted using the mass of an average-sized planet as a backstop, with the Quantum Shift Drive's safety mechanisms halting the vessel when it approaches the furthest point of feasible passage. Gravitational field generators can be used to create an artificial interdiction field that hinders Andremis travel inside a specific area by replicating the outer edges of a celestial body's gravitational attraction, which is useful for both pulling ships out of Andremis en route and preventing enemies from jumping during combat.


When Andremis is entered, the starship has left the Palioxis Starfield. The whole visible universe seems to be an infinite void of azure fog of mottled high-speed blur, reflecting the plane's strange existence. A ship is effectively blocked off from all regular scanning and detecting procedures in Andremis. Andremis is similar to an ocean on a world flourishing with aquatic life. Andremis is a thousand light-years in depth.

Many strange alien creatures reside in Andremis. These creatures tend to look completely normal in the upper areas, though they start taking a more deformed appearance in the deeper depths. In the lowest of these depths, the strangest of aberrations dominate the realm. Each ten light-years that a ship goes deeper gives it a 0.05% increase in speed, thus meaning a ship that travels at the absolute bottom of Andremis gains an additional five light-years per second in velocity.

Surprisingly, the Andremis parallels Palioxis Starfield in several aspects. The reason for this is that a point in Andremis and a point in Palioxis Starfield are identical. In Andremis, this results in mass shadows of existing objects. If a spaceship approaches too closely, mass shadows can block Andremis jumps and potentially drag a ship out of Andremis. Mass shadows, by their very nature, can put a ship in danger of colliding. Navigational Computers integrated with Quantum Shift Drives are designed to compute paths that purposefully avoid such occurrences. Natural mass shadows are created by the gravity wells of massive celestial bodies like planets, stars, and gas giants. Smaller bodies, such as comets, might potentially be to blame, albeit they appear to have little influence on the ship.


There are numerous hazards while traveling at velocities far exceeding the speed of light. While any collision or disturbance at this point may well be catastrophic, the effects of gravitational influence on a spacecraft could be particularly damaging, therefore a trajectory must be plotted outside of the mass shadow or gravity well of huge celestial bodies. Strangely, collision with the shadows of small-mass bodies that are under a hundred kilometers in size do not seem to affect the travelling ship in any way, as if they were not there.

Andremis is a deadly environment for all living beings beyond the confines of a ship's protection. Absolutely any living organism subjected to the environment of Andremis would start suffocating and freezing, from the lack of air and no sources of heat. Even with protection, Andremis possesses numerous dangers, as one will begin to show signs of various mental issues such as extreme schizophrenia, when being in Andremis for many hours at a time. An individual could survive in an Andremis-ejected escape pod, but reentry to Palioxis Starfield would be impossible if the capsule lacks its own Quantum Shift Drive. Matter from Palioxis Starfield will also start to deteriorate after extended stays of over 2 hours in Andremis.