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The Androcorpius are the dominant species of the planet Corpius Prime and the only sapient species of the planet


The Androcorpius are a sapient species located in the planet Corpius Prime orbiting the Haatlas AB binary system, and are located only on the Florathel Galaxy, with a low amount of stars on their juristiction. They are known for a isolationist policy rarely ever comunicating with other civilizations. As a Civilization, their objectives or ambitions are not known aside for their desire to be left alone, but being willing to recive any visitors peacefully as far as the show no harm, yet being highly territorial and will defend their territory at any cost.


  • Androcorpius'es have a scorpion-like body with 6 legs that allow them to run at a average of 60 km/h, the three tentacle-like fingers conpensate the lack of thumbs with extra flexibility and "suction cups" in each of them. They have a scale'ish skin that is mostly red and yellow that helps on dissipating the scorching heat of their home star due to its thermal insulation properties, large horns on the top of their head that have lost purpose due to the evolution of the species and ears as small holes close their 6 black eyes

The spherical organs with a hole on the head serve as a method of comunication and breathing instead of the mouth, as they have no vocal chords connected to it

Heat Resistance

Due to the scorching heat on Corpius Prime, the species has developed a special organ to deal with excess heating right below the skin on their backs, this organ is so crucial that it accounts for 30% of the body mass of the Androcorpius, yet due to the constant stress this organ along with the thermal-insulant skin rapidly deceases, lowering the life expectancy of the species drastically


Androcorpius culture lacks in external influence is of high value for themselves, highly based on philosophy other than literature, music or art


Religion is not present as of today on Androcorpius society



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Medieval Era

Alien Invasion

Planetary Unification War

Early Space Exploration

Interstellar Expansion

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