Reaching galactic power about 1.5 billion years ago, their grand empire lasted for a staggering 250 million years, long before terrestrial life appeared on Earth. The empire achieved galactic exploration, terraforming and genetic engineering. Their technologies were used for peaceful intentions; not for the sake of war. 

Human exploration teams naturally found strange ornaments, or artifacts, that seemed to have resembled bracelets, necklaces and showing clear evidence for jewelry that has long been covered in rock. Their culture may have been slightly religious-based; eventually, ancient temples were found with thrones, pillars and many other interesting features.

What is not fully understood is their extinction; how did they suddenly disappear over a thousand year time period? Human expeditions have researched ancient ruins and can only reveal too little about their demise, mostly due to eroded buildings - which have begun to look like mountains nowadays.

They may have begun extragalactic exploration, with expeditions to the Large Magellanic Cloud discovering only a few worlds with Anera temples and eroded colony cities.


While the first discoveries began in 9980's, the origin of the Anera is still not fully understood. Several theories have pointed to temperate terra and O-Class planets with less than ten expeditions scouting out the Milky Way's outer edge, where their home world is believed to be found and located. However, as more than a billion years have passed and taking the fact that stars move around the galaxy over millions of years, the star system could be somewhere else, perhaps on the other side of the galaxy by now.


The Confederacy of Borealis discovered the first relic in 9980 which seemed to resemble a compass. Tiny dots were found on the compass-style relic, seemed to be showing the positions of nearby galaxies, with the Milky Way at the center and showing galaxies as far as Andromeda. 

As of the year 10000, the Confederacy has found and located thousands of relics from across the galaxy and are storing them safely in a high-security vault. Only scientists and researchers are allowed into vault for scientific purposes; none of the relics have even been released to the public, however, the Ancient Relic Documents are at risk of being leaked to the public by annoymous hackers.


Anera had no intentions for destruction against other civilizations. They were threatened by several other civilizations in the galaxy but almost all of them had their resources taken away, including nuclear, atomic and hydrogen bombs, weapons of mass destruction - enough to wipe out a young and weak civilization. 

Almost 1.68 billion years ago, tensions between another Type III civilization, which was recently discovered to be an earlier iteration of the First Civilization, a rival galactic power. Tensions had begun to rise after resources became difficult to obtain and the detection of outer-space bomb tests. The tensions lasted for 150 years until several hostile starships entered Anera controlled space and were immediately shot down by automated turrets. After so long, the ancient civilization fired an extremely powerful anti-matter missile towards an colony of the Anera, completely destroying the cities on the planet. 

The war, which begun from the destruction of a colony world, began 1.68 billion years ago and had lasted for 1,000 years. The Anera had the upper hand; more resources and military forces than the enemy. What later became known to the Anera as the Anerian War, came to an end after a millennia of conflict. 

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