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Angertharke is a planet in the Archas System, and the capital of the Republic of the Spider Nebula. Angertharke is a small but habitable planet, with a diameter of only 2287 kilometres. The planet is the home of the Ornali species, and the seat of government of the Republic of the Spider Nebula.


Prehistoric Era

The planet first formed 2.4 Gya and first hosted life 2.3 Gya. These early life-forms remained as simple bacteria and archaea until 0.7 Gya when the first complex cells emerged. From there, life exploded into a large variety of organisms from plants to complex animals. Interestingly, intelligence began to arise before animal life had ever left the oceans of Angertharke. A particular branch of this sea life would go on to evolve true intelligence and create the first tools of the planet. An imagination to outsmart prey, endurance hunting abilities unmatched by any animal in nature, versatile tentacles allowing them to not only craft tools but also to gather a large array of foods, and a number of other advantages gave these cephalopods access to a unique niche not yet filled on the planet. Many variations of this new intelligent species began to arise.

One particular variant, Ornala sapia, rose above the rest of their genus, with the others either being wiped out or interbred with to the point of homogeneity. Of all of their genus, they had the greatest capability to adapt to various environments, able to survive in the chill ocean of the twilight fjords as well as the subsolar ocean where they evolved.

Pre-Space-Faring Civilizations

The first civilizations on Angertharke formed on Kelmen Rise, a large undersea plateau, in about 19,433 BCE. These civilizations started as fairly small city-states surrounded by "farmland" but within the next thousand years became sprawling empires complete with writing systems, an advanced grasp on mathematics, and territory taking up the entirety of the Rise. Around this time, they began sending explorers over the inhospitable abyssal plains towards other distant seamounts. They colonized the Telmanrai Seamount Chain first, eventually reaching every scrap of ocean on the planet and sending explorers even to the uncrossable ice wall beyond the twilight zone. These civilizations remained fairly primitive for the next one thousand years, those living on Kelmen Rise entering the iron age in around 10200 BCE. They would not go on to form multi-continental civilizations until well after industrialization in 8041 BCE. After the first high-level technology was invented, the Ornali began exploring the lands above the water, and soon above the very atmosphere.

Space-Faring and Interstellar Age

The first rockets of the Ornali were launched in 7988 BCE from the original home of the species, Kelmen Rise, in an effort to be poetic that went unnoticed to everyone except historians. These rockets allowed for many great achievements, including launching the first Ornali beyond the atmosphere of Angertharke to even a full-scale colony mission to the outer planet Dalair. Because of the relative lifenessness of the Spider Nebula, when the Ornali breached the Archas Limit Cloud, they were able to swiftly claim the vast majority of the territory in the Nebula to colonize at their leisure.

This colonization proceeded for thousands of years, concluding in 63714 CE when the last colony ships bumped up against the territory of the similarly expanding Union of Narenna and Kormin Empire. Unfortunately, some of their farthest colonies were intermingled with colonies from the other two nations. This meant territory disputes, and although the colonies in question didn't really care, the central governments of the three nations went to any lengths to reclaim territory that was "theirs".

Forever War

To protect territory that it believed to belong to it, the Kormin Empire promptly staged a one-time attack on the nearby planet Marnaltharke to instill fear in the populace and get them to surrender and give their territory to them. The attack destroyed Marnaltharke, and many citizens wanted to surrender and pull out of the new war. However, the majority of the populace noticed that similar things were happening to the Union of Narenna, and the two former enemies formed a coalition against the Kormin Empire. The tables have been turned! The belt of debris formed from Marnaltharke's demise was disassembled and used to create a vast fleet of battleships, a significant number of which are currently stationed in orbit of the planet. WIP



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