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Angertharke is a planet in the Archas System, and the capital of the Republic of the Spider Nebula. Angertharke is a small but habitable planet, with a diameter of only 2287 kilometres. The planet is the home of the Ornali species, and the seat of government of the Republic of the Spider Nebula.


Angertharke formed roughly 2.4 billion years ago around the brown dwarf Archas. Life formed on its surface soon after, and a few million years ago, a squid-like species known as the Ornali evolved in the oceans. This species, quite unique for oceangoing species, invented technology and eventually left the planet for the first time, colonizing the now-destroyed planet Marnaltharke. Later, the Ornali colonized nearby systems and eventually most of the Spider Nebula, the nebula the Archas System was located in. However, their wave of expansion ground to a halt when it bumped up against the two other nations in the Lareas Galaxy, the Union of Narenna and the Kormin Empire. They started fighting over border systems, and the Kormin Empire promptly staged a one-time attack on the nearby planet Marnaltharke to instill fear in the populace and get them to surrender and give their territory to them. The attack destroyed Marnaltharke, and many citizens wanted to surrender and pull out of the new war. However, the majority of the populace noticed that similar things were happening to the Union of Narenna, and the two former enemies formed a coalition against the Kormin Empire. The tables have been turned! The belt of debris formed from Marnaltharke's demise was disassembled and used to create a vast fleet of battleships, a significant number of which are currently stationed in orbit of the planet.

The Great Lareas War
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