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Annik Marrash is a High Priestess of the Unionist Religion, and thus a citizen of the Nation known as the Union. She has been given the mission by the High Council to a life long travel throughout the worlds of the Unionist territory all over Herschel Space to gather information about them and about the practice of the Unionist religion


She was described as blond with yellow shining eyes (as its common to priests of the Unionist Religion). Due to her strong bond with the Gift parasite, she was given the opportunity to go after a Path. She choose the Path of the Seer, the hardest one, which changed her. It made her hair white and her appearance paler. She is very much revered throughout the Union as a strong Seer.

Personality traits

She is very different from her sister, and thus is considered to be mysterious and ruthless, sometimes cold and serious. She is very organized and follows what she believes in with faith and strong will.


Annik was born in 99,680 CE in the Planet of Eureka, she has an older sister Melissa Marrash who has been appointed with the same mission, with whom she shares the load of cartographing and supervising all unionist worlds. Both are High Priestesses. The main difference between both sisters, is that they belong to different factions and have followed different paths of the religion. Her political ideas aligned more towards The First Faction ("The Conquerors") who think the Unionist should be brought to any human out there in the Universe through war, force conversion or proselytism. Her sister though belongs The Fourth Faction ("The Extenders"), a the Peaceful faction, who seeks to peacefully convert Humans and Aliens alike through conviction and peace.

Both of her parents were farmers on Eureka. By a rare coincidence of destiny, both of their daughter were born with the parasite "the Gift" already ingrained in them (consider a path to priesthood in the Unionist Religion).

Soon, two women hear of this two sisters, and took them to the planet Kryso to trained the girls as novices of the Sisterhood of Kryso, also known as the Order of Kryso, a feminine order of the Unionist Religion.

This order is huge with several missions and operating as a separate branch of the Unionist Religion with a secretive agenda. Some are trained for war, others for proselytism and conversion of others into the faith, some for erudition and knowledge etc...

The members of the Sisterhood are free however to choose the faction they want to belong to as they are to choose their paths (the few that do it). However, those are mostly encourage to take the path fitted to their training. Those with Erudition and Knowledge, to choose the Path of Wisdom, while the ones trained in war, the Path of the warrior. Usually this is the case but sometimes they change completely. Annik was trained in knowledge and erudition alongside her sister.

Annik chose the Path of the Seer, the hardest of them all and thus had to travel to the Planet Arkoma, to fulfill her training. After several years in Isolation, the Sisterhood of Kryso looked for her and sent her on a mission to recall on all the worlds of the Unionist nation. Apparently, she became more convinced and a member of the First Faction, the Conquerors, after she came back from her training into the Path of the Seer.


She was sent to cartography and see all the worlds of the Union, and record its findings. It was also mean for her to gather information on how do people follow and believe in the Unionist religion in each and every world. In most, it is pretty much the same with little variations but in some, it changes completely.


Annik Marrash has just one son, who was trained as a fierceless warrior and followed the Path of the Warrior after being requested by her mother. The bond between them is strong. He is also a follower of the Conquerors, the First Faction and has also train hardly, and he enlisted in the Military for a while. After completing his training and service, he came to serve his mother, and accompanies her through her travels as a bodyguard. The father of the Child died long time ago and apparently she had him at a young age. Rumours say even when she was a teenager in Eureka.