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The Annuat ("All-Creator" in Typhonian Tongue), also known as the First Beings, and the Primordials were the very first beings in creation, forged from the very essence of Amaranthia by the Imagindarium itself, near the dawn of the Amaranth Conception, the genesis of which spawned forth the whole of Ambrosia. The Annuat have forever held the title as both the origin of life as we know it, and the crown as the single-most powerful living entities to ever exist throughout all time.

The Annuat, as we understand them, rather then being a singular classification of being, was a term given to first four, then eventually five different types of beings all given the suffix "Uat" ("All" in Typhonian Tongue) at the end of their respective titles. Each Annuat group represented a specific aspect of reality, and the members of said group all possessed the limitless ability to infinitely control said aspect of existence their respective group happened to represent.

The five groups of beings that make up the collective Annuat are as followed: The Aethuat, ("All-Being" in Typhonian Tongue) representing constant and stasis. The Voiuat ("All-End" in Typhonian Tongue) representing change and end. The Niuat ("All-Created" in Typhonian Tongue) representing creation and make. The Driuat ("All-Destruction" in Typhonian Tongue) representing destruction and unmake. The Reiuat ("All-Collapse" in Typhonian Tongue) representing failed and collapsing processes.

The collective Annuat has been credited with the creation and origin of many aspects of reality within Ambrosia, the most notable of these being the origin of the first life, spawning numerous organic lifeforms across several worlds. Along with serving as the origins of life, the Annuat are credited as the progenitors of Magic, or Thaumaturgy, as their frequent use of their realm of origin, Amaranthia, allowed the Fragments of Creation from within the Amaranth Veil to flow across the stars, saturating all of Ambrosia in an ever-present, all-consuming presence of magic, the very force that spawned forth Ambrosia's creation itself.

Along with the creation of numerous forces of reality, the Annuat hold the distinctive honor as the inventors of conflict between opposing forces, as during the Third Dawn Epoch, the functions of the collective Annuat, which normally were able to occur without even the slightest amount of failure, began to founder in certain instances due to the machinations of the all-powerful force of antagonism, the Great Unifier. As this occurred, the possibility of a process or function to fail was introduced into reality, leading to the creation of the Reiuat, the beings that represented failed processes. With this, the Annuat that held conflicting functions with one another began to undermine the functions of the other, leading to the event known as the "First Conflict," as this was the first time in creation that two opposing forces had entered in some sort of conflict with one another. The introduction of failed processes led to many different concepts to come to be that was antithetical to the whims of the Annuat, including the force known as Undeath, the failure of the process of the end of life, and the possibility of contradiction in action or thought, as well as self-doubt of a sapient being's own thoughts and whims.

Before the creation of life, however, the first beings the Annuat would indirectly create would be the Viaprimordia, representations of the very forces of the inevitable, the very inevitably of the Annuat's forging of Ambrosia's path to Imagindarium's design, and the inevitability of it flowing ever onward to its conclusion. As the Viaprimordia came into being within primeval Ambrosia, during the First Dawn Epoch, the forces of existence, such as death, life, space, time, gravity, and so on were given respective beings who represented their nature, while not directly being responsible for their existence, as the forces of reality were put in place by Imagindarium itself. Rather, the Viaprimordia merely represented the Annuat's manipulation and eventual stabilization of these fundimental aspects of reality.

During the Sixth Dawn Epoch, the collective Annuat would spawn forth the very first truly sapient being, able to think and feel beyond the whims of its creator. This being, known as the Primevaranth would continue on in a similar manner to its Annuat progenitors, paving the way for Ambrosia to come to be. However, due to the consequences of the First Conflict waged prior to its creation, the Primevaranth began to have doubts of its purpose in existence. As the Primevaranth doubt itself and contradict its thoughts, creations of the sapient mind would begin to fracture and break apart, until' its splintered mind caused its very soul to shatter entirely. As it did, the remnant spirit of the Primevaranth poured all across the Ambrosia Galaxy, allowing for sapience to arise independently apart from a direct creator.

Along with magic, sapience, and life in general, the Annuat's final, and perhaps greatest feat would be the creation of the Divine Typhonians, God-Like sapient beings of immense presence and power, whose actions would ultimately forge Ambrosia into the galaxy we know it as today. Their creation was accomplished through manipulation of the Annuat's realm of origin, molding the Fragments of Creation into a shared shape until' its coalescence made a being of pure magical energy and power manifest within Ambrosia proper. The Typhonians themselves would ultimately be the very first beings to control magic, as their Annuat creators did not actively access the inherent thaumaturgic energy contained within the Amaranth Veil, but merely Amaranthia itself.

The collective Annuat would ultimately vanish from existence following the creation of the Typhonians at the final Dawn Epoch. As they did, the functions of reality, creation, destruction, constance, change, and collapse were now able to occur within Ambrosia unaided, allowing the natural functions of reality to come to be, ending the long stasis of existence. Ambrosia would be left to the Annuat's progeny, the Typhonians, who would use the functions of existence provided to them by their primordial creators to forge the functions of time and space, allowing the long and ever-changing line to the End to begin.


Collective Behavior

Despite each group of Annuat functioning radically different from one another, the Annuat as a whole shared a few commonalities. The first and most notable would be that all Annuat, regardless of group's only purpose in existence was to carry out the self-bestowed role of heralding the fundamental functions of reality, ensuring Ambrosia's future existence and paving the way to the Ultimate End. To accomplish this, each group of Annuat aimlessly wandered primeval Ambrosia, surveying the worlds yet to be, the life yet to be heralded, and the events yet to transpire. Through their aimless wandering, large tears in the fabric of space embedded themselves in a near infinite pattern of intertwining gateways, leading to the creation of the Janus Network, the last remnant of the Annuat's existence in the modern-day.

Whenever an individual Annuat began to make a function of reality occur, it would seemingly freeze in time, then, over an immense period of time to existence's perspective, the respective function being carried out will occur, whilst to the Annuat, the process of which occurs in an instant, ultimately leading to the Time of the Annuat as a whole to seemingly happen instantaneously, lacking any length of time to those not affected by primeval Ambrosia's timestream. The results of these functions can vary extremely, from the formation of entire star clusters and the beginnings of the world's around them, to the simple chemical reaction of hydrogen's meet with oxygen, as such was the Annuat's purpose to pave the way for these events to transpire independent of their direction or intervention.

On rare occasion, an Annuat may self-replicate itself to create what is known as an Annuat-Ni. ("All-Creator Child" in Typhonian Tongue) When this happens, the Annuat will once again freeze itself from time's effects, then begin to create a mutable Annuat-Ni, lacking any bestowed function and merely existing as a being of pure Annmaya energy. The respective parent Annuat will then begin to pour a portion of its own Annmaya essence into the created Annuat-Ni, slowly molding it into the mirror image of the desired Annuat class the creator Annuat is apart of. The creation of the Annuat-Ni collectively was extremely rare, leading there to only be in total three hundred Annuat in existence in the more then three billion standard year history of the Dawn Epochs.

Prior to the First Conflict, the Annuat of each collective grouping sparsely ever came into contact with one another, usually carrying out their respective functions in a subsequent order following in the correct order of the first. For example, the Niuat would create an object or force, the Aethuat would make it remain constant in existence, the Voiuat will ensure that it has the ability to change over time, and finally the Driuat will make its eventual degradation and destruction an inevitability. However after the creation of the Reiuat, and the possibility for these shared functions to founder, the behavior of Annuat belonging to separate groups to one another began to become more openly hostile in a sense, as they would begin to use their respective function to undermine the other, leading to the whole of the Annuat to engage in a long conflict of power.

Lack of Higher Intelligence

As the collective Annuat were nothing but a static force incapable of consciousness, personality, intent or will, they were nothing but an immutable static force that did not change or alter course in any way, shape or form. As such, they were not sapient in the way we would understand it, only being entirely directed vessels of Imagindarium's will and creative intention. Incidentally, the Annuat functioned very similar to that of your typical computer program, complete with directed coded commands built within the individual Annuat's very being, making them, in a sense, both the very first living entities in existence, and the very first artificial intelligence.

Despite their lack of sapience however, the Annuat did possesses a specialized type of language that the individual Annuat used to be able to communicate that it has undertaken its respective function of causing a force of reality to occur. This language came in two distinct forms, one specific to the other members of the Annuat's corresponding group, and one to communicate to Annuat who were apart of groupings separate to its own, so that their respective functions could work in tandem with one another. This form of speech, like the coded functions of the Annuat were inherent to their very being, giving each Annuat of all types the ability to communicate with one another from the very moment of their creation.

Upon the creation of the Primevaranth, which itself was the only instance of the Annuat being made to interact with that of a being possessing actual sapience, the collective Annuat all poured into the new being the essential knowledge of reality as it was then, giving it understanding of the concepts of time, space, gravity and the like. Then, once given sufficient understanding of the universe around it, the Annuat then poured forth into their collective successor the coding to carryout the functions that the Annuat were meant to undertake themselves, creation, constance, change, destruction and collapse. Afterwards the Annuat only silently assisted their creation in its development, never responding to the Primevaranth's calls out to its creators.


As the Annuat were merely the concept of the respective forces of reality they represented condensed into an incorporeal being, they had total ultimate and infinite control over them. An unlimited supply of energy and power, the limits of the collective Annuat were only beholden to the whims of the force of their very creation, Imagindarium. The extent of the individual Annuat was that of Amaranthia, or the Void of Creation themselves, infinity in its truest and most pure extent, the weight of which the collective Annuat's being made upon the fabric of existence causing permeant embeds in creation, shredding into space throughout all time.

As a result of this infinite well of control over the forces of potentiality, the acts of incomprehensible power the Annuat were able to manifest within reality can only be imagined, as almost anything and everything the mind may conjure was more then likely possible for the individual Annuat to accomplish. However as the Annuat were beholden to the power above them, that being their creator, they only barely ever acted upon the full breadth their beings could exert, despite the fact they were more then able to with relative ease. As a result, the Annuat were the only ever, truly living omnipotent beings to ever exist, and all who would follow of seemingly comparable potency were not even a fraction of which that was contained within the All-Creators.


Along with infinity in power and presence, the Annuaat were infinite in their very existence. As such, they were totally unaffected by the concepts of degradation through time, or over exertion of the being, as well as an immunity to any form of dying as we understand it. However, this total immunity to death was not immune to the effects of the inherent destiny of energy, the inevitable end of all forms of energy by the forces of Entropy as even the omnipotent beings of potential were not immune to the Power Above All. Despite being totally immortal, however, due to Imagindarium forcing them into non-existence, they did face death in a sense, though more akin to total non-existence then the process of death and joining the Great Collective all living things would do following the Annuat's end.

The collective Annuat, along with being the only true omnipotent living entities in the analogs of time, were also the only truly immortal beings to ever exist, being totally exempt to even the mere concept of death. As the Annuat created the next generations of life in the forms of the Primevaranth and the Typhonians, it's natural for one to assume that, while the extent of their power would not carry over, then surely their state of eternal existence would. However as death is the natural medium bestowed by the Imagindarium in order to carry the line to the End, no being not apart of the forgers of Ambrosia were exempt to the end of their arc in Imagindarium's ever-onward tale.

State of Being

As the Annuat were wholly unique amongst all living entities throughout time, the state in which they existed was entirely exclusive to themselves, alongside every other trait previously discussed. This is because while the Annuat did exist within physical reality, and thus by extension Ambrosia proper, they also did not, as their Annmaya essence was located in an alternate plane of reality in-between Ambrosia, and the rest of the alternate realms created at that time. Thus alongside existing within the normal plane of reality, the Annuat simultaneously existed within each and every alternate realm of existence that inhabited creation during the Dawn Epochs, meaning that if an Annuat was currently located in one area of Ambrosia, their state of being within the other collective planes would be in accordance to the position that would correspond to.

Thanks to this, the Annuat remained totally unaffected by any processes that occurred within Ambrosia during the chaotic birthing period that was the Dawn Epochs, from the formation of the stars, to the creation of the worlds around them, as the Annuat remained totally incorporeal to physical reality, it was as if they had never existed at all. As well as leaving them unaffected by the universe around them, their collective state of being, giving them the perfect access to the functions of existence, as they were able to see and interact with the would-be aspects of creation from an outsiders perspective, then use their Annmaya threads to bend and shape those potential forces into actual corporeal concepts, meaning while the Annuat were responsible for forging Ambrosia's existence as we understand it, they never actually interacted directly within the galaxy proper.


An idividual Annuat-Ni, the central mass of Annmaya essence being surrounded by unstable and wild Annmaya energy.

Collective Characteristics

The Annuat-Ni is a fundamental stage of an Annuat's existence, as before an Annuat-Ni becomes one of the five Annuat groups, they will exist as a being of malleable Annmaya energy awaiting to be molded into the respective Annuat-class their creator is. As such, the Annmaya energy prior to be formed into the desired class is the embodiment of potentiality, being able to become anything provided it is acted upon by a force able to manipulate its Annmaya essence. When not acted upon, however, an Annuat-Ni will remain eternally constant, unchanging, and immovable, existing forever as a being of pure potentiality, lacking any higher function or purpose.

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