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Antimatter weapons are powerful energy weapons that fire beams of antimatter. Whenever these beams strike a target, they convert it into pure energy, resulting in a massive explosion. As the beams travel through the air, they convert more and more air molecules into energy, building up more power as they travel. This makes them more powerful at long range than in close quarters.

However, antimatter weapons must be kept stable as they fire. Should the wielder move too much while firing the weapon, the beam will lose stability and fizzle out. This means that they cannot be fired while moving.

Antimatter weapons are among the rarest of energy weapons in the universe. As such, they are only given out to the most elite units within a nation's military. Due to their dangerous properties, repairing antimatter weapons is highly dangerous and must be done with careful precision, as even a tiny flaw can lead to catastrophic failure.

Types of Antimatter Weapons

Antimatter Beam Projector

Antimatter beam projectors are used by the most elite of specialist infantry. The main body of the weapon is connected to a back-mounted generator via a series of reinforced cables.

Antimatter Beam Cannon

Antimatter beam cannons are found on the most powerful of ground vehicles in a nation's army. They are capable of annihilating the most powerful of armored targets with ease. However, due to their power requirements, only the largest vehicles are capable of using these weapons.

Notable Users of Antimatter Weapons