100th Millennium Wiki

"I've come to help you. 'Is there no one in the whole wide world to take pity on me you have thought?' But there is. And here I am."-Anyani the White Lion.


Anyani, also known as the White Lion is a Serrani of the Divine Lyumayin, God of Light and highest deity of much of the world of Haven. Sent forth from the heavenly Realm Aetheriel by his Lord and Creator, Anyani's charge upon the world is to bare the burden of pity, appearing before those that whole of Haven's commonfolk have tossed aside, the White Lion provides comfort, compassion, and above all else, sympathy to those who have none. Upon this duty, Anyani has acted upon his Lord's will without delay, question, or pause, the great White Lion is surely the Highest Father's most faithful servant.

Appearing before only one at a time, he or she who holds great sorrow within their heart shall have the ever persistent White Lion be forever at their side, always but a pace behind, always offering a shoulder to cry on, a person to hold, or a companion to embrace as to keep warm in the cold dark of night. As commanded by his Lord, Anyani may only make himself known to one chosen at a time, known to Anyani as his "Little." As such, Anyani's being will only be made corporeal to the chosen, making the White Lion unable to act upon the world separate from the chosen, forever unseen to all, as if he was naught but imagination. Even if the chosen choses to tell of their great lion friend, Anyani will not make himself known to any other, as is his sacred call.

Anyani will remain at the side of the chosen so long as their life's fortunes remain sorrowful, ever remaining as a friend and companion, only ever offering all-powerful friendship upon them, and he shall remain so as an ever faithful friend as long as their life is colored by eternal sorrow. Should the chosen find new life fortune, Anyani will depart from them, but not before giving final farewell, wishing well and that he must find a new soul that the world had forgotten, so that they too may find new fortune in life, but to not be sorrowful that he must leave, but instead be glad that they shared in companionship, and remain mindful that the White Lion shall never forget the love they share.

If the chosen should find rest from the pains of the day or night, Anyani shall fill their sleeping mind with visions of splendor, and life's fortunes turning towards a better end, acting as both a way in which to bring the chosen comfort, as well as to serve as a method in which the White Lion can show them the path in which they must walk in order to retake their life's course. As they sleep, Anyani will place himself upon and around them, covering his thick white main all across their sleeping person, offering warmth and protection from any which may harm them during their respite of sorrow.

As by order of his Lord, Anyani may not directly change the course in which the chosen's life takes, only ever able to offer great companionship and advice that they may or may not accept. Such is much of the Lord of the Light's teachings, Anyani follows his Lord's desires that he shall not directly force the path to a betterment, even if asked directly, he cannot make their life's follow the better path himself, as that would be contrary to the wishes of the Highest Father that only achievements made by the chosen themselves are true accomplishments, and that he remain only as an advisor and friend.

The existence of Anyani as a true being within the world has been hotly contested throughout the millennia. As he only makes himself known to one at a time, none outside the chosen have been made known to his presence during his charge, causing many to believe he is nothing more but a mere legend or fairy-tale, though often those with high magical knowledge often know better than to claim that in which they do not know in person as falsehood. However, throughout the many centuries, Anyani has watched over those that the world's common folk have disregarded, some of who had reported their long-lasted companionship with the White Lion have been figures of great historical influence, including some queens, kings, and even once the Empress of the West herself. As such, within the Westland Empire of Bariquel, Anyani has been adopted into the Imperial Pantheon as an aspect, or spirit of Highest Father Lyumayin, serving as a guardian spirit to those in which lack any who hold care for them. While within the Eastern Union of Rahmiel, Anyani is viewed as Lyumayin himself, selecting a chosen one at a time to have a deep personal relationship with, making those who claim in to have the White Lion by their side to be viewed by the common masses in extremely high regard and reverence.