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"One of the Thirteen Founding Worlds of The Intergalactic Federation, the last and least populated of them, it is a beautiful jungle world, in which is intact fauna and flora are among the most interesting and diverse in the sector. This Garden World is cultivated to extract valuable medical and pharmaceutical components to be used universally. Its people are friendly, humble and communal, with vibrant cities. The biggest zoo and research biocenter lies as well in this world, spanding through thousands of miles of land, with creatures coming all the way from each and every corner of the Universe." - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian.

Anza is a Terran World, of the temperate terra Type, that lies in the Oldeia System, located in the Akai Nebulae, in the Lewis Galaxy and deep in Herschel Space. It is one of the Thirteen Founding Planets of The Intergalactic Federation, to which it belongs to.

It's a Jungle world, its name is derived from the ancient Swahili language word for "Peace". It is the least populated of the founding members or core worlds. It was settled by refugees from the war between the Empire of Mankind and the Union. It was the last one of the Thirteen to be settled by those refugees, and thus, from now on, all other worlds were colonized by people from one of this thirteen planets.

It is known for its medical flora cultivation, its agriculture, farming, tourism and entertainment industries, as well as some minor industrial and service production. The area is known for its fauna, holding the largest zoo in the Federation. Its a center of Biological and Genetic research and scientific studies. Its biodiversity is very large and interesting.


  • Sapru

The longest continent. It has some of the largest and virgin jungles in the entire planet. It covers a large portion of the equator.

  • Manilok

A large continent in the northen hemisphere. It is covered in mists and deep jungles and deltas on the south while progresively it becomes milder towards the poles.

  • Irstia

A large continent Island split from Sapru from a large sea, called the Zerra Sea, to the west. It comunicates with Sapru through a small isthmus where the city of Alenbel is located.

  • Undele

A small continent. It is sparsely populated and covered in specially large vegetation and covered in mountains.


Society and Culture