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Apatis, known in Ario as ቻሁፕጎነ, are a subspecies of human and the primary species of the Guild of External Power, and are well known across Via Aylathiya to being a very peaceful race, whom seek brotherhood and friendship with other nations across the cosmos, and have gone so far as to creating the Osseters, the galactic hubs seen across the universe. The Apatis are ultimately religious and have a slight Thaumaturgic connection, thus being protective between eachother.


Earliest known Apatis

It is unknown what exact date the Apatis began evolving from Humans, but it is estimated that at around 0 CE, a small group of Human families had moved to the now destroyed moon of Hesshiah to escape The War of the Final Transition. The humans were unable to adapt fast enough to their new environment and were forced to live their lives in specially designed suits, and thus the reason for the Apatis suited appearance.

The Guild founding

The Guild first formed as a Sedruan group known as the Apatis Children in 1,230 CE. Only three members hold membership, but the members gradually increased to 300 in just the following year. Each year the Clan was seeing more than 200 joining. Within 300 years, the Guild had discovered thousands of members, and had eventually began contemplating the idea of leaving Sedrua. The group had confronted Sedrua as their religon was springing up from the shadows, Sedrua did not approve of the behavior of the Apatis and banished them from their borders. This would eventually lead to the Quellian War

The Vision of Osseters

On June 22nd 3,240 CE, Guild Wayfarer Apolik Marenu, had a vision in a Thaumaturgic Dream, where he was floating outside the Darakao Nebula viewing the future, he saw the importance of future worlds Belumak, Patriot Prime, and Kuzar Secondus. But most importantly he saw the first Osseter, Apolik quotes: "I saw a structure, beautiful, tall, bold, and blue, it was glowing white, and It gave me a feeling. A feeling of peace, like this structure in front of me was the key. Our future, our solution to our loneliness."

Osseter Construction

At around 4,998 CE, Sedrua began experiencing shortages in supplies, and the Apatis, who had a newly found friendship alliance with them, had begun proposing ways to fix this problem, because wormhole technology was not available to them yet, the Apatis teamed with the non carbon based species from Tarmalyula Galaxy, the Intruisters.

Osseter Completion and Presenting

When February of 5,000 CE rolled around, the Apatis completed the first Osseters, nicknamed "Lylay, and Leo". The two would bond Sedrua and the GoEP for eternity. Leo was brought to Zushilo, while Lylay stayed in orbit above Sanit, where the Apatis would bring supplies to the Suvaren Field.


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