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Aquelian Serpents are ferocious sea serpents found all throughout the oceans of Haven. As ferocious beasts, Aquelian Serpents are one of the many dangers to sailors travelling across the seas. On the bright side, Aquelian Serpents tend to stay in their own domains, only venturing outside when absolutely necessary. As a result, dozens of charts depicting common Aquelian Serpent habitats have been crafted.

Aquelian Serpents are extraordinarily formidable creatures that are virtually impossible to counter even for the most powerful creatures, with the exception of the Kraken. Slaying an Aquelian Serpent can earn anyone tremendous fame and fortune. Owing to their extraordinary quality and durability, Aquelian Serpent scales are often utilized to forge armor and numerous types of weaponry. As Aquelian Serpent scales are such a scarce commodity, armor and weaponry made from them are frequently displayed as a sign of tremendous wealth.


Aquelian Serpents have a serpentine body structure with a big, fish-like fin running down their backs, an apparent absence of limbs, a somewhat long neck, and a head like that of a dragon, with a pair of backward-facing fins and huge, sharp toothed jaws, as well as scaled skin. Aquelian Serpents are typically seen in seven colors: sapphire, cyan, emerald, violet, copper, and crimson, and their various tones. Sapphire is the most frequent and crimson represents the most unique of the colors.

Aquelian Serpents are encased in two or more layers of exceptionally resilient scales, though individuals with greater than two layers are uncommon. As a consequence, Aquelian serpents are among the most powerful creatures on the seafloor. An average Aquelian Serpent has over three thousand individual scales, however only the inner layers' scales are collected, as the outer layers' scales have a foul odor that is challenging to get rid of.


Aquelian Serpents are territorial and vicious animals that will almost always attack any creatures that come into their eyesight. A typical Aquelian Serpent domain spans approximately 50 kilometers in diameter, and sometimes it can reach all the way down to the seabed. If their victim is a long distance away, Aquelian Serpents will blast a stream of boiling hot water from their maws, gradually injuring and ultimately killing their prey.

Aquelian Serpents appear to share a desire to live a solitary lifestyle. Individual Aquelian Serpents almost never interact with one another, preferring to stay in their own territories. Each Aquelian Serpent appears to only mate twice throughout their whole lives, with a pregnant female Aquelian Serpent laying only one egg at a time. Unfortunately, Aquelian Serpents appear to have a significant fatality rate during hatching, since more than a third of all Aquelian Serpent eggs never hatch, resulting in the species' present small population.

Despite their large size, an Aquelian Serpent can travel at remarkable rates over the waters, reaching speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour, rendering them an unstoppable force for anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in their path. They can also maneuver exceedingly swiftly, changing their trajectory on a split, making it nearly impossible to outswim them. They can also twist themselves into nearly any shape as well.