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"Ara itti! Nara nora! or Welcome! Enjoy life!, as the Arati greeting say. This world is the capital and homeworld of the Arati species and the nation known as the Arati Clans. A world all Arati would be more than willing to sacrifice themselves in order to protect. Its the place were they arose and the sacred place of their religion. The Assembly representing their high democratic values also lies here. If you are about to land, be aware to address each arati properly according to their clan if you want to avoid trouble, it's something very important for them" - Lisa Martinez, Explorer & Scientist.

Aran is the Capital Planet of The Arati Clans, as well as the homeworld of the Arati species. The World is a tundric cold world, in the Irata System. It is located in the Lewis Galaxy, in the Yeda Quadrant and the Orpheus Arm of the Galaxy. It lies inside Herschel Space.

The Planet is home to the Assembly of Clans, to which all the Arati can address to and bring their issues. The Arati were in an early expansion period, when humans arrived to the other side of the galaxy. This meant that they achieved to colonize around 15% of the Lewis Galaxy. However, they lost a large part of the territory when some of the Arati colonies joined the United Alliance. These colonies did so out of disappointment on how their own nation treated their mining outer colonies, asphyxiating them with taxes and imposible cargo deadlines. So today, they control just 10% of the Lewis Galaxy.

This split caused a massive outraged in the Arati Clans. However, since then relations between the Arati Nation and the Arati on the United Alliance have become friendly, to the point that Arati have permission to migrate to the U.A and have military protection from the U.A forces, as well as trading agreements. A direct line connects Aran to the U.A worlds.


The planet has 3 moons, just 2 oceans and 2 large massive continents. Large ice caps cover the north and southern pole, and large tundric plains cover almost a 20 to 30% of the planet. Around the equator, large cold savannas are found with some more vegetation.

  • Tereni: Its the largest, but is also the coldest. Massive cities have been built, specially around the equator and the coast. However, Arati love cold areas and are prepared for such environments, so the tundric plains are also well colonized and populated. The economy of the region spins around Administration, Energy production, Services, Finance, Shipbuilding, and Scientific Research. Agriculture is also one of the main activities, mining is a secondary activity though. Around 8 Billion people live in the continent. It holds the capital, and seat of the Large Assembly of Clans.
  • Noran: Its the smallest continent, although just slightly smaller than Tereni. It has tundra and icecaps in the north and south, but the most notable difference is their large amount of Mountains, Peaks and valleys all over the Continent, which give this continenta beautiful appearance. The economy of this continent is related to Mining, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Education (holding several important educational centers), Military, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare. Agriculture is somehow important as well. The total population of the continent is 7 Billion. It holds the second largest city in the planet.


The planet holds around 15 billion Arati, being one of the most populated worlds of the Arati species. All of whom belong to the Main clans. Aran is home to several subcultures of the arati.

Most of the existing clans of the Arati have some presence in the planet.

Around 2% of the population of the Planet is made of Alien species who came to trade with the Arati, most notably Humans (1%), specially from the U.A but also from the Intergalactic Federation and to a lesser extent the Empire and even Sion, Aldorians (0,6%) of various nations, the Murban (0,2%), the Noraki (0,1%) and other Alien races (0,1%).