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The Arcadian Administration is a faction formed by the colonists of Arcadia in 2547 after achieving independence. It is now a province in the CoB.


The Arcadian Administration is fairly small, only spanning around 15 lightyears, having a few planetary colonies across their region of space, known as the Arcadian sector.

The Administration also possesses a large spaceship known as the SS Independence which was built shortly after the formation of the Administration, in celebration of Arcadia becoming independent.

The SS Independence went on to explore the soon-to-be Arcadian sector, searching for potential future colonies and any life bearing worlds.


The Administration is a peaceful nation that specializes in leisure and comfort for its citizens. Each of its cities are very idyllic, having pristine architecture, green towers and even clean streets.

Spas, saunas and holiday destinations are a must for the Administration as Arcadians are obsessed with comfort. Visitors are welcome to the Administration as well since it's quite popular in its area of the Via Aylathiya for its 5-star hotels and luxurious spas.

The Administration is a democracy, ruled by a council of 5 with Isha Valdar as the current head of government. The council of 5 govern inside a tower known as Utopia's Heart (also known as Admin Tower), at the center of Utopia City.


The Arcadian Administration doesn't have much of a military as Arcadian people see war as unnecessary and a waste of time and will rely on the UFSS for defense in the case of any potential war.

Flag Meaning

The yellow circle & the “star shining” represent the expansion from it's home planet, the blue represents affiliation with the UFSS, the diamond-shaped stars in the center represents the capital planet Arcadia, while the orange and the yellow represent it's wealth.


Arcadia (capital)

New Arcadia (secondary capital)

New Eden



Luna Litore