Archas is a brown dwarf star in the Lareas Galaxy with a system of four planets, and is the capital of the Republic of the Spider Nebula.


The Archas System was formed in the outskirts of the Spider Nebula, and began its life as an M-type brown dwarf, indistinguishable from a similar-temperature star. However, it gradually cooled down, and life began to take hold on Angertharke.

Over the intervening 6 billion years, life slowly evolved as the star cooled down. Roughly 100,000 years ago, the Ornali evolved on Angertharke, when the planet's average temperature had dropped to 7º celsius. However, they noticed the environmental catastrophe, and set up massive mirrors to warm up the planet and increase biodiversity.

Relatively recently, the Ornali have expanded beyond their small world and have colonized the majority of the Spider Nebula and surrounds.




  • Paral
  • Goresi


  • Erax
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