The Archids were a sentient mid-Type IV civilization that once lived in the Indulus Galaxy and its surrounding galactic clusters. They were one of the former universal powerhouses, their empire spanning over a million light-years across over 1.3 billion years. Though there is still speculation about how their great empire fell, recent findings uncovered by the Intergalactic Confederacy has suggested that the Archids fell victim to a dangerous plague. Other theories have existed for thousands of years, some suggesting that the civilization collapsed in on itself much as the Roman Empire did eons ago, and others suggesting that the Archids simply escaped their native universe to colonize other parts of the multiverse. They have created many civilizations in their likeness, the most notable being the Klar'ik, native to Klar'ik'ii.


The Archids were very similar to humans, both in terms of body proportions and sensory perception. They were about 6 feet tall on average, weighing about 250 pounds. They were noted for their very large heads, eight fingers with two opposable thumbs on each hand, and ten small, nimble legs to support a thin exoskeleton on their backs. They were able to reproduce extremely quickly, giving birth to 500 young at once, and could live for 175 years without medical care to support them.


The last civilization the Archids created was on a moon now known as Promeneus, not too far from the now-popular Orpheus System. Evidence points to this settlement being in operation in full by 50 000 BC. Evidence of the Archids' collapse starts with documented records of "uncontrolled rioting amongst the streets of our cities" around 45 000 BC, and the settlement on Promeneus was abandoned roughly 600 years later. From there, only select colonies still kept records, some of which detail homocide and looting, whilst the government stood idly by. A statement released by the Archid Union of the Galactica on 25 July, 36 816 BC, stated that the Union had collapsed, at which point each colony is suspected to have descended into anarchy. No records are kept after this date, though archaeologists have found remains of the colonies on long-deserted planets. The newest pieces of evidence have been massive trenches built presumably to defend from other colonies. These have been dated with 99.67% accuracy to 36 145 BC. After this point, no evidence of the Archid civilization has been found.

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