The starship Prometheus in orbit around Arcturus 5.

This is a series of mission logs recorded from the investigation of a mysterious temple on the surface of Arcturus 5.

Members: Laura Campbell, Chris Coley, Desmond Warren

Mission Logs

Captain Chris Coley: Mission log, July 18th 2150. We are on our way to investigate a mysterious artificial construct that was detected on the surface of Arcturus 5. Laura, is there any information on the object of interest?

Laura Campbell: The structure on the surface appears to be frustum shaped judging by orbital images from a previous MSEP mission, that's all the info we have at the moment.

Chris: Okay, thanks Laura. Desmond, how far are we from our destination?

Desmond Warren: We are at least two standard days away.

Chris: Okay, I'm going to set the ship to autopilot, so we can get some shut eye before arrival.

Two Days Later...

Chris: Mission log, July 20th 2450. We are entering orbit around Arcturus 5. Crew members Desmond and Laura will take the shuttle to the surface to investigate the object.

Shuttle deployed by the Prometheus, about to enter the atmosphere of Arcturus 5.

Desmond and Laura proceeded to fly the shuttle towards Arcturus 5 and soon land a few feet away from the temple.

Laura: Okay, we've landed.

Chris: Excellent! Now tell us, what does the structure look like?

Camera turns to the structure.

Laura: Its sort of a silvery black color and judging from our scanners, it seems to be made of an unknown metallic substance.

Chris: Any visuals on the shape of this structure?

Laura: Yeah, it looks all blocks, some spikes, and- Whoa! What the...

Chris: What? What's happened?

Desmond: Some sort of opening has appeared in the side of the object, like a doorway, or a portal.

Chris: Wait what? Are you saying the truth?

Laura: Perhaps... I see some sort of silver hallway inside it. Desmond does, too. We're going to investigate.

Chris: This isn't the plan-

Chris sees Laura and Desmond's cameras. They are indeed walking towards the opening.

Chris: Sigh Okay. But be careful! You have no idea what could be waiting for you inside.

Desmond: I've got a bad feeling about this. Almost like we shouldn't be here.

Desmond and Laura walk inside the temple.

Laura: We're walking down the hallway and there seems to be a bunch of funny looking glyphs on the wall.

Chris: Interesting. What do they look like? Also, is Desmond with you?

Desmond: Yeah, I'm right here- Whoa what the heck!?!

Chris: What happened now?!

Desmond: Another doorway just opened...

Chris: Okay, is there anything inside?

Desmond: Hmm... odd...

Laura: Yeah, this room also has multiple symbols on its walls as well as a large triangular frame at the center. Oh no...

Desmond: Um, sir..? The doorway just closed behind us.

Chris: Excuse me what? Its closed?

Desmond: Yeah. It did it all by itself. They appear to be automated. And the triangular frame is powering up.

Laura: Something isn't right here. We need to get out now!

Chris: Are there any other exits!?!

Laura: Dammit! We're trapped- Oh my God, What the heck?

Chris: Now what?

Desmond: There's a strange red energy in the triangular frame and- What the heck is it doing?!

Chris: What? what is it?

Laura: Some sort of.. human thing made of the red energy just walked out of the frame!

Chris: Is there any way to get out?!

Laura, Nervously Trembling: Uh, Hello??

The Red Figure says hello, but in reverse.

It's walking towards us more...

The Red Figure does a hand gesture, and Laura starts to sweat profusely.

Laura: OH GOD! Something he just did is blasting some loud humming!

Desmond: Same here! I'm freaking out! Get us out of here! Please!

The Red Figure makes a screeching noise

Signal cuts

Chris: Hello? Laura? Desmond? Oh no...this can't be good.

Third logs

Laura, No Camera: Hello? Captain?

Chris: Laura! Thank goodness! Is Desmond there?

Laura: Yeah he's here with me.

Chris: What happened?

Laura: Another doorway opened and the red energy being dissipated so me and Desmond ran out of there. And now we're being chased by a cluster of small floating silver spheres firing some sort of laser at us! It destroyed our camera! Please, just get us out of this insufferable hellhole!!

Chris: Oh my God!! What is up with this place?

Desmond: We don't know!

Signal abruptly cuts again

Chris: Oh no. Not again!!

Fourth logs

Desmond: Captain? We're sorry for cutting out, we were trying to find a place to hide from those laser spheres.

Chris: Are you and Laura safe at least?

Desmond: For now, we found a room to hide in. Its incredibly strange though as it has a large floating polyhedron at the center.

Chris: A floating polyhedron?

Laura: Yeah. This place is extremely weird. We just want to get out but the hallways keep shifting.

Desmond: And I keep getting this uncomfortable feeling that we're being watched by something. Whatever's going on we're clearly not welcome here

A few minutes pass

Chris: Don't worry a nearby fleet has sent 8 carriers to investigate.

Laura: We're deeper in the temple now, I think we're safe. We know where we are, right Desmond?

Desmond: Yeah, about 6 halls away from The Polyhedron. These halls don't shift, as far as we know.

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