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Ardan is a terran world, located in the Rodaun Galaxy, in Herschel Space. It orbits the Mekeren Sun, a white star. It is the Capital World of Aldorian Shabada. It is one of the most populated and most important worlds of this nation.

The Planet is the seat of power of the Nation, where the Theocratic Council of the Nation is placed on. This place is where the High Priest gathered to rule the Nation.

It is fulfilled with several temples and highly urbanized areas. Many Aldorians of Teremir and Palnir Origin settled here and their culture comes from this subcultures of Birnis.

The Aldorians here have the highest quality of life in the whole nation. Several other races live here too, all of which are slaves, taken from other planets, most notably the Eitol, the Pereden and the Okla.


The Planet was settled in 41 450 CE, by cultist and religious fanatics coming from Birnis and other Colonies of the Aldorian Dominium. Most of the colonists flocked here is several waves.

The conditions of the planet were very suitable for Aldorian settlement and its location was robbed by secret services working for the cultist.