The Ardaya Conflicts are an ongoing war between the United Nations of the Flower Galaxy and a few other nations, and the Somnar Hive. The conflicts mainly serve to hold back the Somnar forces, so as to allow the population of the Last Free Systems to escape the Myrmidan Galaxy. It began in the year 99390 and has extended to the present day.


The Ardaya Conflicts are the second major war between the Somnar Hive and the other nations in the Flower Subcluster. The cause of the war is usually considered to be the United Nations of the Flower Galaxy taking notice of the Last Free Systems' distress calls and sending a few fleets to hold off the Somnar Forces. These small fleets were almost instantly annihilated by the Somnar forces, which showed everyone how powerful and cruel the Somnar Hive was. This made the members of the UNFG contribute huge fractions of their fleet towards the effort.

As it began, multiple fleets amassed at Plokeon, Fornes, and Treana, utilizing the SICTIRIAD stations there. This massively reduced travel time, and caught the Somnar Hive off guard, allowing for the evacuation of Perathri, one of the planets closest to the Somnar's borders.

During the Conflicts, preparations were made for Project Alazar, a project to evacuate all the remaining area of the Myrmidan Galaxy from the region, so they wouldn't be assimilated into the Hive.

Most battles resulted in territory losses on the part of the UNFG, due to alarmingly large amounts of force from the Somnar Hive. This meant that Project Alazar was expidited by a lot to avoid being captured by the Somnar Hive.

The war seems to be drawing to a close as the Caplan Thruster nears completion and the Last Free Systems is running out of territory to lose.

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