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The Ardaya Conflicts are an ongoing war between the Exurian Union and a few other nations, and the Somnar Hive. The conflicts mainly serve to hold back the Somnar forces, so as to allow the population of the Last Free Systems to escape the Myrmidan Galaxy. It began in the year 99390 and has extended to the present day.


The Ardaya Conflicts are the second major war between the Somnar Hive and the other nations in the Flower Subcluster. The cause of the war is usually considered to be the Exurian Union taking notice of the Last Free Systems' distress calls and sending a few fleets to hold off the Somnar Forces. These small fleets were almost instantly annihilated by the Somnar forces, which showed everyone how powerful and cruel the Somnar Hive was.

As it began, the vast majority of the Union's military might, as well as portions of other nations' fleets, sped towards the Myrmidan Galaxy.

During the Conflicts, preparations were made for Project Alazar, a project to evacuate all the remaining area of the Myrmidan Galaxy from the region, so they wouldn't be assimilated into the Hive.

Most battles resulted in territory losses on the part of the alliance, due to alarmingly large amounts of force from the Somnar Hive. This meant that Project Alazar was expidited by a lot to avoid being captured by the Somnar Hive.

The war seems to be drawing to a close as the Caplan Thruster nears completion and the Last Free Systems is running out of territory to lose.

Project Alazar

Project Alazar is an ongoing project to get as many Myrmidan species into the Ardaya System as possible, then construct a Caplan Thruster to propel the whole system out of the galaxy, to escape the Somnar Hive. This initiative is supported by many species across the Florathel Subcluster.


Project Alazar is named after the cunning Perathri general Alazar the Great, known for his strategic retreats which made his enemies underestimate him.


The first phase of the project involved evacuating species from systems directly on the front to safer systems, or even placing them on gas giants equipped with fusion torches to propel them directly to the Rendezvous point at the Exurian Globular Cluster to meet up with the stragglers.

The second phase involved setting up vast laser arrays to send signals to every known civilization within range, including the Exurian Collective, the Oralat Virtual Utopia in the Iriat Galaxy, the three warring nations in the Lareas Galaxy, and many others. Most of these rapidly sent help, which was integral to the third phase.

The third phase involved those civilizations with FTL setting up a very, very wide hyperlane between the current location of the Ardaya System and the rendezvous point. The fusion torch gas giants launched during Phase One would enter this hyperlane and speed towards the rendezvous point.

The fourth phase is currently in progress, and involves moving all remaining species into the Ardaya System and constructing a Caplan Thruster over the star to propel it onto the hyperlane to escape. The Caplan Thruster will be constructed using materials from the systems being abandoned, due to its resource intensiveness.

The fifth phase concludes the main portion of the project and involves the fusion torch gas giants meeting the Ardaya System at the rendezvous point and sending out probes to explore the surrounding space to find new habitable or easily terraformable homeworlds for the passengers of the systems. Once these new worlds are found they will be terraformed and settled by the species who claimed them.

The Rendezvous Point

The sole planet of the Rendezvous System.

The Rendezvous Point is a strategically chosen system at the near edge of the Exurian Cluster, with one planet and a thick asteroid belt. After its journey through intergalactic space, the Ardaya System would park roughly a third of a light-year away from the star, and begin setting up stations on nearby oort cloud comets.

The system chosen has one rather interesting gas planet, at roughly 8 superplanetary masses it contains most of the mass in the system. It has eight major moons, two of which may be terraformable for some of the refugee species.

Backup Plan

If somehow the way is blocked, The Ardaya System and all of the fusion torch gas giants changing direction to another, backup system, located on the fringes of the Iriat Galaxy. This system is in Marakat Interstellar Union territory, and special arrangements were made for this system and its surroundings for it not to be colonized if the backup plan is needed.


There are many important pieces of technology used in Project Alazar, integral to its success.

Caplan Thruster

The Caplan Thruster is a type of stellar engine, utilized to move star systems over a slow period of time. The first working prototype was created in the Meral System as a test for the viability of the Project Alazar plan.


The Caplan Thruster utilizes a dyson swarm focusing a large fraction of a star's light onto one area of a star, massively heating it and throwing material into space. This material is then collected by a magnetic ramjet, confining it in a small area. The helium in the mix is fused into oxygen and fired out of the system at at least 1% lightspeed. The hydrogen is dumped back into the star.


This type of stellar engine has a high rate of acceleration compared to other stellar engines such as the Shkadov Thruster, and can therefore hypothetically reverse a sunlike star's orbit around a normal spiral galaxy in less than a million years, or eject the star from the galaxy in the same amount of time. The second use was used in Project Alazar to accelerate the Ardaya System to the lower threshhold to activate the Lorentz Inversion Drive.

Other uses include the sneaky Meral Colony Project, sneakily pushing the orange dwarf Meral towards the Avana Galaxy and possibly beyond as a "Gardener Ship" to colonize far beyond the Florathel Galaxy. The vast majority of the UNFG supports this initiative, but it was """"canceled"""" just before launch to keep its trajectory secret so antagonistic and imperialist nations such as the Empire of Mankind which are currently trying to conquer the galaxy could not attempt to destroy the craft.

Lorentz Inversion Drive