The Ardaya System is a star system located at the outer edge of the Myrmidan Galaxy. It is the home system and core of the Last Free Systems, and is currently being outfitted with a Caplan Thruster to allow it to escape the galaxy with the last free intelligent beings in it.


The Ardaya System has four planets, two of which have native life and one of which is being terraformed.

  • Thalion (Hot gas supergiant)
  • Xathor (Hot O-class)
  • Edana (Temperate E-class)
  • Kelar (Temperate E-class, originally cool D-class)


The Ardaya System does not have many moons. The ones it does have are listed here.


  • Jarek
  • Laserith


  • Ulekka
  • Seltina


  • Vesper

Orbital Infrastructure

Ardaya is surrounded by a thick cloud of orbital habitats carrying members of every remaining unassimilated species in the galaxy, made from material starlifted off the star.

Ardaya, being a major part of Project Alazar, is also being outfitted with a Caplan Thruster that, when complete, will propel the entire system out of the galaxy as fast as possible and hopefully reach the relatively distant Exurian Globular Cluster before it breaks.

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