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A world of untamed wilderness and luxurious cities existing in harmonious synchrony, Ariel proudly acclaims itself the crown jewel of Singularia. Sitting atop a junction of great interstellar traffic lines, the planet has attained a great amount of fame both inside and outside its nation. A cutting-edge world in terms of technological advancement, Ariel has risen to become one of the many suppliers of hi-tech products across the entire realm, its affluence derived from its vast array of resources. Moreover, the planet of Ariel is a bustling center of interplanetary commerce and trade, seeing a plethora of freighters depart from many of its expansive spaceports every day.

Ariel's culture and populace are wholly appreciative of the lush and verdant nature present on their homeworld. It may seem like such worlds are ubiquitous in Palioxis, yet Ariel's forefathers could only dream of one day walking across lush grasslands under calming azure skies and breathing in fresh air. Naturally, as people have acclimated to their environment, this appreciative nature has begun to subside over several centuries, leaving several companies rampant across the planet's untold riches.

Sitting near the Void of Serenity, the world of Ariel remains susceptible to spatial and temporal anomalies. While the majority of such phenomena are merely subtle inconveniences, a greater peculiarity hides under the planet's lush skies. Taking the appearance of colossal floating landmasses, this anomaly finds itself manifesting near the equatorial line. Over centuries of study, a probable cause has been uncovered, although its reality is yet to be confirmed. These islands hovering above the planet's verdant wilderness are in fact a singular possibility of the Decima manifesting into reality, one of the countless arrangements of particles in theoretical existence.

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Geographical Properties

Ariel's core has remained highly energetic ever since its birth, with its landmasses regularly morphing into separate forms. As a consequence, areas of great elevation remain widespread across the planet, as flat regions squeeze their way in between. Much of the planet is engulfed by an everlasting ocean of striking depths, yet lesser landmasses have made themselves prevalent across the entirety of Ariel. Despite this, vast continental landscapes are clearly seen from space, a testament to its inhabitants' pride.

Global Ecosystems

It is a given that all living worlds are, as a result of the adaptive and expansionist nature of evolution, separated into diverse ecological biomes. Ariel is no exception to this universal constant, with life's presence being ubiquitous throughout the majority of the planet's landscapes, from the deepest seas to the highest mountains.

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