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"The Emperors gave us the burden of protecting our people from the dangers of this Cold Universe. Something we have done ever since the birth of this nation. As nobles, we have rights, but we have duties also; and such duties thereby validate our rights" - Kylan Zykov, Archduke of the Empire

The Empire of Mankind is managed by several Important aristocratic families. The Empire uses a feudal sort of system in which planets and systems (sometimes small areas of a galaxy as well) in Imperial space are managed by the lower nobility, which is tied in responsibility to the high nobility, ruling several Galaxies and they, in turn, are tied to the Emperor.

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The Nobility has the rank of Noble according to the Law and even though justice applies to them in the same as the rest of the citizens, they have special protections and duties that others don't. Since they have a large responsibility over thousands of lives, they also have large portions of wealth and benefits. At the same time they can't escape their duties while citizens are free to relocate around Imperial space and move in their working professions, nobles can't.

The Noble Families are all related to the great founders, those who helped and supported the Emperor Hannakon I Tarnos during the Second Civil War. The Families who were of key importance and the most crucial to the success of Hannakon were granted the title of Archdukes of the Empire.

The High Aristocratic Families

Noble of the Empire, being assisted by Clone Slaves

This are the most important and Powerful Families of the Empire, controlling vasts amounts of wealth, resources and territories over several Galaxies. They are set to rule and protect billions of imperial citizens in the name of the Emperor. They are thus very much high in status and after the Emperor and its family they are considered the most important people in the Nation.

Important and Famous Families of the Middle and Lower Nobility

After the Great Families, the High Nobility, some important families of Mid or Lower Nobility exist. Some of the Lowest nobility is not more important than the mid-citizen and this kind of noble makes the bulk of the Nobility.

However, some Middle and Lower Nobility have acquire greatness to the point to even reach the High Nobles. Some of the Most Powerful and Famous Families among the Mid-Lower Aristocratic Families:

  • The Tillis Family
  • The Bukonga Family
  • The Vatsbana Family
  • The Minagawa Family
  • The Moshar Family
  • The Brudeau Family
  • The Zesman Family
  • The Ortega Family
  • The Shiranova Family
  • The Yetena Family
  • The Dakson Family
  • The Obiria Family
  • The Laghari Family

Extint or Exile Aristocratic Families

  • Urayas Family (Exile - Reintegrated)
  • Alisan Family (Exile - Reintegrated)
  • Gemeldi Family (Exile - Partially Reintegrated)
  • Moran Family (Exile - Partially Reintegrated)
  • Brashov Family (Extint)
  • Mehrotra Family (Integrated in the Burgoisie after the Gran Rebellion)
  • Modanka Family (Integrated in the Burgoisie after the Gran Rebellion)