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"The Industrial drive of the people of Arkaia combined with the key location of the planet, attracted the Lios Corporation that brought the famous shipyards found in the planet and all over the system. The famous Lios Titan, Lios Imperatus and Aurora Colony Ships are build for the most part here, at an impressive rate. This has made Arkaia the most prosperous and fast growing planet in the entire imperial territory in the Iskadi Galaxy" - Senator Maes Prim.

Arkaia is a planet located in the Oledei System on the Alba Quadrant and Vedana Arm of the Iskadi Galaxy. It is as well located in Herschel Space. It belongs to the Empire of Mankind and it's one of the most important Shipyard planets of the Megacorporation known as the Lios Corporation.

The Planet was settled by colonist of the nearby Sobek. Soon the planet was interesting due to its privileged location directly connecting it to Odrunn and Dangun, with both planets having significant importance due to the Wormhole gates located in them. In the last millennia it has seen an economic boom and its population, size of the economy and importance is multiplying rapidly among the planets of the Iskadi Galaxy.

The entire economy is directly or indirectly connected to the shipbuilding industry. Most of the rich minerals of the Imperial territory of the Iskadi Galaxy are sent to the planet to be processed and used in the shipyards. Large and small companies dedicate themselves in producing and selling small appliances to the Lios Corporation.


The Planet was colonized from the Planet Sobek and later by a massive recruiting campaign in the core worlds of the Lewis Galaxy. Ir was made by the Empire so to rapidly settled imperial claimed territory from their competitors: the other Lewis Nations. Due to this, many foreigners from other large areas of human population came, seeking a new life in the Iskadi Galaxy under Imperial rule.

The settling process of Arkaia was led by the Dalvan Family, and ever since, it was granted to them to assure its protection. The Dalvan soon sent a member of their family to be governor of the planet.

The colonist had to face a new environment, but soon, dominion of the landscape was achieved and several large cities were built. The colony was vibrant and many small companies were opened. The enthusiasm of the colonist seemed to be inherited by their former original planets. The location of Arkaia between several hyperspace lanes, made it an important trade hub.

This privileged situation draw the attention of the Lios Corporation, which choose the planet as its main shipyard center. From that point onward the planet saw a large boost of capital and many large shipyards were constructed in orbit and in the surface as well as other related activities opening massively to attend the needs of the corporation. This led to Estrada Family to also settled in the planet, sending prominent figures of the family to led the shipbuilding process in the planet.


The Planet has 2 moons and 3 dwarf moons. It has 4 continents, Boren, Irbel, Maussan and Ornai. Three oceans cover its surface; Zedda, Aukasis and Mulara.

  • Irbel

During the early stages of colonization of Arkaia, Irbel became the first continent to be settled by Imperial colonists. They found the city of Taldrain and ever since it has become the most important city in the planet. The main economy is based on financial assets, design and main directing of the Shipyards in orbit, who serve to build the biggest ships, such as those of class Titan or Aurora. Other important activities are finance, banking, minor high-tech, services and construction. The mansion of the Dalvan Family is located in this continent. Tourist is also important in some areas, due to its beautiful nature and mountains.

  • Boren

It was colonized by a second ship of settlers. arriving through the Odrunn's gate to the Galaxy from Planet Thetis and Haldar. The main activity of the continent is producing small manufactures and other pieces for the construction of the ships. Minor shipyards have also been constructed in the surface of the continent to produce smaller military ships. Trade centers and companies also exist in the continent as Arkaia is located in the middle of two hyperspace lanes, that connect the planet directly with the systems of planet Odrunn and Dangen which have both their own wormhole gates. Other activities include manufacturing and other consumer goods.

  • Maussan

The continent was colonized from Boren as well as from recruited settlers from Pax and Mitra. The economy of the planet is based on the processing of mineral from all corners of the galaxy and beyond. and chemical production, aim to be used in the manufacturing of the spacecrafts. Other important economic productions are the entertainment industries as well as several insurance companies.

  • Ornai

It was settled by colonist from the other continents, especially Irbel. It's the main agricultural and livestock producing center in of the continents. It is as well, in charge of the laboratories and the main fauna and flora preparations used for the Colony ships. However, not all production is done here. Also, some important centers allocated the Engineering University, which is very prestigious among Imperials. Its also a very touristic destination, especially due to its nice and beautiful coasts and impressive agricultural terrains covering the horizons.

Alien Civilizations

Oira Era

The Planet was the homeworld of the Oira, an Alien species that established a small civilization in the systems around Arkaia. It has been believed that they colonized five habitable planets and ten inhabitable ones constructing domes mostly based on resource extraction, as they were reluctant on mining and disturbing the fauna and flora of their planets. Soon, they encountered the Jeket Civilization and after several centuries of open war among them, the planet was taken by the Jeket and war finally ended with the enslavement of the Oira species.

Arkaia seems to have been in times of the Oira a bustling world, although they had some sort of worship for preservation of nature, and very few resources were extracted. Apparently they used asteroid belts and other planets devoid of life for their resource extraction. Some mining facilities, later used by the Jeket and the Vemex have been found in Oira own systems.

Jeket Era

The Jeket fought some sort of large battle in Arkaia against the Oira, which has left the Uvina Lake today in what seems to have been a massive explosion. Some archeologist have come to believe it was the center of Oira society and government and after its destruction, the Oira surrendered. The Jeket built some large temple complexes and some cities on top of previous Oira cities. The planet however seems to have been pretty much emptied by the Jeket, taken much of the Oira out of their own world preserving the world as a very much untouched wild place. Some Jekets settled here, but the Planet became a slave raising place and a food supplier. The population under the Jekets, seems to not have exceed 1 Billion, 65% of which were Oira and 35% Jeket.

The Oira were then taken all over the Jeket territories. But due to their fierce attack and defense against the Jeket, which seemed to have some sort of pride on that, did not used them in sacrifices or labour force but for domestic tasks, service providers, etc. as some sort of honoring their resistance against being conqueror. But other key factor was that the Oira were quick picking up the Jeket language and the culture, adapting well to it, so they soon were integrated in the Jeket society and seemed to be the fittest to be loyal to their masters. Some accounts have survived that the Jeket seem to appreciate their Oira slaves having even deep bonds with them.

However, the Oira as well as the jeket were conquered by a series of wars among the Jeket and the Vemex. The Jeket lost the wars and were conquered by the Vemex, alongside the Oira. However, the Jeket unleashed the Plague, killing not only the Vemex and their own race to extinction but that of the Oira as well.

Vemexian Era

When the Vemex attacked, they devastated some cities and created a new one in what is today the Boren continent, which was the main Vemex city and capital of the newly arrived Vemex in the Planet. Apparently, they used Arkaia as a resting place with many Vemexian villas for military and wealthy personel. They used the planet to produce some sort of luxurious beverage and some expensive jewelry adopted from the Jeket art. By the time of the plague extinction, the planet was pretty much diverse, with a total population of almost 2 Billion, with the Vemex making 20% of the Planets population, 30% Jeket, 40% Oira and 10% other alien races.