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The world of Arkanon is located in the Rove System, in the middle of the Haiva Nebula, in the Okaia Quadrant of the Lewis Galaxy and thus in Herschel Space. The planet belongs to the Lewis Nation known as the Empire of Mankind. This world is the main seat of House Prim, and even if it was settled at a later period, it has grown in importance since 60 000 CE.

First a backwater colony of the Empire, it's importance grew right after the end of the Imperial-Unionist war as it was mostly untouched by the destruction that affected other worlds. Then, on the new commercial routes that arose, Arkanon became a key point and thus it's extrategical position as the exist to the outer colonies became important. It's location within the windy nebula of Haiva, made the planet easily defendable and very protected from external threats. This means that the planet was chose to take the Imperial Archives within it.

Arkanon is very much known for it's culture based on rationality and practicality. This has made of the planet a paradise for erudites, scientists, mathematicians and other specialists. It's local importance in the Haiva region has grown exponentially becoming a powerhouse in the region and well linked to the main core of the Empire (it's three capitals).

The main economical drive of the planet is mostly finances, scientific research and space-related industries. Many inventions within the empire, happening after 60 000 CE have arose from this world. However, most of the phylosophical drive for preserving knowledge has been also imprinted in the planet's economy and culture..

Arkanon is the birthplace of Maes Prim. The people of Arkanon are usually considered to be "out of reality", which is a way for other citizens to accurately depict the inhabitants of this world. That's because they tend to loose themselves in thought and rationality and tend to be slow when speaking if they speak at all. Their dialect is even charicaturized with a "slow" and "soft" accent.


The discovery of Arkanon took place somewhere in the late 38 533 CE (18 367 ALD), but it wasnt explored by probes until much later, in 44 122 CE (23 956 ALD). Different conflicts stopped it's exploration and colonization efforts. It was however explored by a manned mission in 44 310 CE (24 144 ALD) and settled in 46 688 CE (26 522 ALD), right after the war, by colonist from Alma, Lipna and Astrion who had been affected by the conflict. Later a second waved of settlers arrived from Memphis and Fenris in 47 125 CE (26 959 ALD). This is relatively late for the cronology of the Empire.

The Colony was small but grew steALDy. Most of it's economy was purely agrarian. It's importance however grew in the Haiva Nebula when the planet was found to be at the center of it and a perfect place to colonized the nebula. Most of the worlds located within Haiva arose from Arkanon colonists. Conditions of living arose to utopian-like conditions, due to it's large production of food. As it's population was small, the nutricional needs were quickly surpassed and most of the produced foods were exported. This led to accumulation of wealth on the planet which allowed investment and improvement of services and infraestructure. This liberated as well many in the society to focus on other aspects such as research and exploration seeding the beginning of erudition in the world.

For most of it's history, the planet has been spared of most mayor conflicts that affected the empire. This has contributed to it's importance and growth in population.


  • Amatusar

A huge continent that covers almost half of the planet, it's very vast and is covered in agricultural land and fields that sprawl thousands upon thousands of miles. The population is concentrated on the coast or in big cities alongside the interior. Cities like Yorinnar, a vast metropolis that acts as the center of the agricultural and farming industry in the planet. Most of the food that feeds the planet, the system and almost a fifth of the Haiva nebula comes from the fields of Amatusar. Yorinnar acts as the port that flies all this cargos of food to space. Other important city is Lebissa, on the coast, that acts as the main port city of Amatusar.

  • Peldari

A continent of large penninsulas. Elongated similar in shape to Silvilon, it forms a larger ocean, known as the Telkuni Ocean. This penninsulas are larger and hold large settlements. The main city of this continent is Isdaron, the capital city of the Planet and the seat of the Hall of Thinkers. This city is known as the center of political thinking and activity in the planet.

  • Ofunui

Is a set of semi-islands, loosely connected to Amatusar. Shaped in a form of stars, the penninsulas and islands make a stranger form. Most of it is well inhabited and holds some of the main cities in the planet. It holds the city of Mashalon, the largest city of the planet. It is a center of thought and scientific research. Huge departments are built over dedicated to research engineering, physics and chemistry but also thinks like pharmaceutics, building tecniques etc...

  • Silvilon

Is a continent with a banana shape, in which both extremes are connected with Amatursar (which are also the continental boundaries) forming a shallow ocean between Silvilon and Amatusar known as the Mirvis Ocean. The two cities that are important here are Ekalon and Turadasi. The first one is a large port city that is based on trade, exporting most of the goods produced in the continent. It also has a large financial activity. The second city, is known for it's mineral activities and processess. It has a high industrial drive and is the center of manufacturing within Silvilon. The city also attracts large amount of tourists, due to it's proximity to the Mirvis ocean and the connections within Amatusar.

  • Tuliven

For some it doesnt really qualify as a continent. It is formed by a set of smaller islands in the middle of the Arisean Ocean, which makes them unconnected to the mayor continents as it is too far from them. This has made the Tuliven continent a rather convinient creation. These set of islands are small and are about a Six in total. A major one and five smaller one. Two of which are elongated and the others rather round and small. The Tuliven are a resort of peace and quietness and it's people are known for it's way of life. It is also home to the "Prim Palace", the home of House Prim.


The culture of the inhabitants of Arkanon differs notably from those of the other planets. The secluded Nebula of Haiva has allowed for cultural particularities to arose, not only in Arkanon but in the entire region. The followed pacifism and erudition and do not bother too much with who or what governs them as long as it respects the ideals of the Arkanonians.

These proud people are known for it's rationality and practicality in all matters of life. Emotions are considered to be too weak and discourage. The motto "Those who can't control their emotions or instincts are doom to fall to their desires, enslaving the mind and the will to it" is a common saying and really explains well how they approach too much emotionality. Artistic expression is encourage upon the citizens of Arkanon to actually express out their internal emotions in something productive so it doesnt consume them. With this method, great artistic products have come from Arkanon, like The Hall of Thinkers, a massive building made with the most amazing finary found in the planet.

People in Arkanon like contemplative life and scientific research, curiosity and questioning are highly encourage on them since birth. The only taboo is challenging the authority of the Empire of Mankind. The Emperor is considered to be almost a sacred figured of enlightment. In fact, the heir to the throne has usually mentors coming from Arkanon. This has made the Emperor closer to the erudite ideals and phylosophies of the Arkanonians and the citizens more keen on revering and respecting the Emperor and the ideas of the Empire.