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"If Saikan is the Soul and Spiritual Center of the Zeurel System, Arkon is the Body and Economic Center of it. A world of sophisticated nature, with some of the higher standard of living in the Union. Its people are elegant and technology driven. Its beautiful and bustling cities are a wonder to behold. On another light, Its crucial position has made the planet very strategically important for the nation. Lets not forget that this Planet has been at the core of unionist hearts ever since the resistance against the Empire." - High Priestess, Annik Marrash

Arkon is an temperate terra planet of the Nation known as the Union. It is located in the Zeurel System, orbiting Zeurel B, an Orange Dwarf Star. The hole system lies in the Lewis Galaxy, inside Herschel Space and in Herschel Space. It is the eighth planet from its star and is the Fifth and last of the Big Five Worlds (habitable ones) of the System.

The Planet is the largest one and is also the most populated with a total population of 65 Billion inhabitants. It's a very nice and comfortable world to live, with temperate conditions. It is considered to have high standards of living an a prosperous and dynamic economy.

The Economy is based on High-Tech and many innovative inventions and creations have been created here. It holds a large military station and is considered, after Saikan, the most important world in the Zeurel System (and with no doubt one of the most important in the Union).

The Planet is home to the famous Order of the Arkons, founded very early on in the history of the Planet, being very much revered as well as the Arkonian Technocrats. Other many orders, such as the Menopeneian Order, the Tarkonau Order, the Sisterhood of Kryso, the Irekian Technocrats and many more have a base on this world.


The Planet was mostly colonized, in the year 35 866 CE, by colonist of Tarsus. This colonist were soon followed by some settlers from Saikan and Neldum and then by other colonist from Ishai and Euden.

In 45 186 CE, the planet was attacked and besieged by an Imperial fleet. Large Imperial troops descended into the Planet and took control over it. When the Imperial fleet was driven from the system, they were cut of from orbital supply and many Imperial fighters were overrun by the Unionist forces. Some were killed and others fled. However a small amount of them stayed. They were reinforced by some Imperial merchants and traders from Ishai. In 45 210 CE, the Imperials finally left. In 45 230 CE, to prevent further attacks on this planet, the Order of the Arkons was created to defend and protect the world and the Zeurel System. When no further attacks came, they turn out to other activities, like priesthood, training, charity, business etc...

47 877 CE The Arkonian Technocrats were founded as an offshoot of the Irekian Technocrats that had set a base in the Planet. However, this group grew faster than its predecessor and extended quickly, which boosted the famous high-tech and technology of this world. The Economy of the planet based only in Services and Financial assets are also important, as well as trade, started to diversify and swift more into big spacecraft artifact manufacturing, weaponry, security softwares, IAs and working robots. Many minerals from the moons and external areas of the System are shipped here for processing.


This world has 15 moons, although most of them are small rocky asteroids, and just 3 are considered actual moons. This are Minso (the Largest one), Lero (the second largest) and Fuza. This three moons hold each military bases and facilities to protect Arkon as well as some mining industry.

All this three moons are set as bases for the Shipbuilding industry and are the place were most orbital construction takes place from goods brought from the planet surface (enjoying the low gravity in the moons to build up massive structures). Minzo has 17 million residents, in the so called Hirus, the main city dome. Lero has a total of 15 million, with its main city being Laudikar and Fuza with 13 million, with its main city being Gorbat.

The Continents are 5, known as Tartarus, Eolia, Doria, Honia and Usurbil. They are separated by 3 oceans, the Seresera Ocean, the Imikus Ocean and the Oronal Ocean.

  • Tartarus:

The City of Redren

The Largest and most populated of the continents. It has several mountain chains, although Arkon is a rather flat and forested planet. The economy is based around services, manufacturing, shipbuilding, finance, trade and high-tech are the main pillars of the continents economy. However, mining and agriculture have a large significance in more rural areas. Large Ship industries exist, creating Engines for travelling over hyperspace and through the Wormhole portals. The Largest city is Redren and is as well the Planets capital. Its total population is of 18 Billion

The Subcontinent of Achea (pronounce "Akea") is located within the Tartarus continent united through an isthmus, and is dedicated to extraction and processing of minerals. In this continent many metallic elements of the Ship Industry are built. Norken is the main city in the subcontinent. This subcontinent has a total population of 3 Billion.

  • Eolia:

The City of Kilsan

Its the second most populated continent in the planet. It is based on services, banking, shipbuilding, trade and pharmaceutics. It is famous for making home base IAs, spacecraft softwares and agricultural and mining robots.The population of Eolia is considered to be chilled and very kind. The Entertainment industry is very significant as well alongside tourism. Eolia has some of the most beautiful sceneries and offers relaxing spots for many. Its largest city is Kilsan. The continent has a total population of 14 Billion.

  • Doria:

It's the least populated and most rural continent. It has been focused since the early days around farming and cattle as well as mining. Processing this goods and export them is their main commodity. The continent is full of sprawling plantations of the Serkus Plant, a rare flora that can only grow in Arkon. It is very valuable and is used for some dishes, and most notably for some medicine and bioengineering due to its impressive qualities. The Order of the Arkons uses this Serkus Plant in a potion known as Serkus Extract, that they use to potence the Gift in their bodies and make them even stronger giving them psychokinetic abilities. Its main city is Utelku. Its total population is 7 Billion.

  • Ionia (Pronounce "Honia"):

A beautiful spot in the planet, it is mostly based around services, manufacturing, shipbuilding, education and chemical production. Tourism and entertainment are also big here, most notably tourism. The University of Robotics and Biotechnology is known all over the Union as one of the best, if not the best. They are also excellent at Engineering. Many designs for large and massive warships as well as its engines, are made here.

In the past some manufacturing was also made here, being one of the reasons why the Empire attacked the Planet. Ever since, design remain in the Planet but the building shipyards were (for the most part) relocated and sparced. It's the seat of the Arkonian Technocrats after they splitted from the Irekian Technocrats . Still, the Irekian remain, but are less important than in the previous days. Its main city and the second most populated is Ankashia. It has a total population of 12 Billion.

  • Usurbil:

Famous mostly for being the center of the Construction of Ship industries, it is also famous for its minerals, manufacturing, chemicals, trade and tourism industries. The software and computing industry is big here, making a big and important part of the continents economy. The Arkonian Technocrats have here their second biggest base after the seat of the organization in Ionia. It's the second least populated continent after Doria. Its main city is Zartokar. The total population is 11 Billion.

Culture & Society

The Arkonian culture is very sophisticated. It has been shaped for many millennia and has achieved some of the highest standard of living in the nation. Its people are educated and elegant and have a special love for arts and entertainment. Technology is very much at the heart of every part of this nations society. Most people in this planet have basic engineering and mathematical knowledge. It is considered fancy to use mathematical formulas to decorate public buildings and others.


There are several dishes known to come from the planet. Some use the Serkus on its most basic form (not the Extract) giving a sense of floating after eating it. It is considered to be an expensive food but very delicious one. Vegetables are pretty common in the planet as well as diverse meats and Fishes.

The Main and National Dish is called "Okobekar", as is based on a Steak of meat of Urumik (a large domesticated mamal native of the planet) with a side of Gorbok, Kanel and Iresi (several vegetables), and a sauce made of boild eggs of Terekuil (a large bird)


  • Order of the Arkons

Its one of the most famous military-religions organizations in the Planet. They use the Serkus Extract, made from the Serkus Plant to enhance momentarily their own Psychokinetic abilities. They were founded just after the Imperial-Unionist War and invasion of the planet to protect it for ever being invaded again. However, its origins are set to be found in the actual invasion among the Unionist resistance. When the extract of Serkus was found to produce this effect on the Gift, its massive use by the Order was monopolized and even today, it is very much restricted.

  • Arkonian Technocrats

They are an offshoot of the Irekian Technocrats from its neighboring world, Ishai. They founded a base in Arkon but soon, many generations later discussion and dispute inside the Order in Arkon set the base for a crucial split. Most of the Irekian Technocrats defected from the order and created a new one, known as the Arkonian Technocrats . Ever since, both factions have been somehow in dispute. The Irekian still exist in Arkon but are very much insignificant if compared to the Influence of the Arkonians. They lead much of the investigation and run out most of the technological drives in the Planet. Thus, they have managed to excel at computer mastery and design.

Fauna and Flora

  • Terekuil
Arkon fauna terekuil.jpg

It is a large bipedal animal, native to the large plains of the planet. It is omnivorous and can be domesticated. In the Wild, it preys on small to medium size animals. It lays eggs and nurtures its offspring in pairs who are longlife lasting. They are considered to be faithful and loyal as well as the epitome of romantic analogies in the Planet's arts. They however lay eggs monthly even if they are not fecundated, that they abandoned. Most notably they are of a bluish color when not fertile. Only when the pair stars to incubate the eggs, does the farmer known a new offspring is coming. The egg is then of a greenish color. They pair can move the eggs frequently if in danger or relocating to follow the pair's natural preys to a more abundant area.