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Arlong is a cold and barren planet orbiting a orange dwarf star in the Zalanthium Galaxy. It is the dual capital of the Union of the Broken Nebulae, and is the homeworld of the Vulisa species.


Arlong formed 5.72 billion years ago along with the other 9 planet of its system and its star, Se-rpol. It formed beyond what is known universally as, 'The Ice Line', meaning that the materials available was ice and rock. It condensed a large amount of mass, and could have had a history as a gas giant, but it ran out of material before it could collect enough. It gathered lots of hydrocarbon: ammonia, methane, ethane and others, which liquified and flooded its surface. As its sun grew hotter, a lot of the liquid boiled away, and continents were revealed, as well as a thickened atmosphere.


A map of Arlong






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