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"The World of Art, is one of the centers of the industry of entertaiment. It is one of the centers of the House Hangul ."

Arshek is a planet, located in the Kevel System, in the Bruma Shroud of the Lewis Galaxy and inside Herschel Space. It belongs to the nation known as the Empire of Mankind. It is an important world in the Empire's territory of the galaxy as it is one of the three main strongholds of the House Hangul.

It is known for its colder ambiance. It is the center of some of the filming industry in the Empire, from advertising, to shorts and other sets. The High Academy of National Arts is located here, and teaches things like filmaking, marketing, painting, scuptural techniques and many other crafts.

The planet is also known for its textile industry and its cosmetic production although this is less important, it was one of the main industrial elements that drove the planet's economy for many years. But, most of the IA design of and some important military training is done in Arshek.

The arquitecture of Arshek is considered to be beautiful as well, and thus mimic in other areas of the empire and even in some other nations. Gardens are also commonly seen all around as well as sculptures and others forms of art, which is widespread.


The planet is covered in four continents and its covered in three large oceans.

  • Goyum

The most poluted, it's economy is mostly based in the production of industrial manufacturing, chemicals, and other related items. Its industrial capabilities are strong and produce "en masse" for the entire continental and planetary demand, and even to export outside what is left. The Ecology is saved in special regions and reverses, but most of the human inhabited areas are highly poputed. It's total population is 6 Billion. Its largest city is Dolkun.

  • Manra

It is also the main source of food in the continent. Rural farms inland are a common sight. Its northen lattitudes produce large amounts of energy. Alongside the continent of Elebai, they produce enough energy for the entire planetary needs. The contiental population has a total of 6 Billion people. The largest city in the continent is Zidel.

  • Birundus

The most populated continent, it holds the capital city. It is a vast and beautiful area, but densely populated. Its innerlands are covered in farms and small peacefull settlements. Most of the land is used for farming, cattle and other industries. The cities however are a center of the Filming industry, very dinamic in its economy, with services being at the core of this Arshekian cities. The total population of the continent is 10 Billion. The largest city is Tahalna. Another important and large center is Keiratan.

  • Elebai

A Large continent, it is the second most populated. It holds very big cities, but also vast lands of wilderness. Large crops of Plant are harvested here, used for large textile industries. Also tourism is a large industry here and many of the wealthy retire to this continent. The Mansion of the Hangul, and the seat of power when they are in the Planet is located here. It's total population is 8 Billion. The most populated urban center is the city of Kolmodir.


The economy is very diverse and dinamic, but the main purpose of Arshek is to serve as the administrative capital of the Hangul. Nevertheless, the population is focused on filming, artistic products, marketing, industrial manufactures and services.


The entire population of the planet is made of 30 billion people. Out of this population, about 87% of the Population is made of Imperial citizens. A small minority of Federals and Unionist also exists in the planet, making a compine 10%. The other remaining 3% is made of humans from outside the Herschel Space, most notably people from the CoB, made of legal and ilegal immigrants.

House Hangul

Arshek has been one of the main seats of the Hangul Family. Mostly inhabited from time to time by the Archduques, there is a vibrant social life in the planet and many aspiring artists move to Arshek to seek for opportunities, lying second in importance after Mitra itself. Arshek has the most important administrative archives of the House, as well as being a place used for administrative purposes.