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"Taking its name from an ancient goddess of hunt and wilderness, the Artemisian people are blessed with a beautiful and abundant world. The heart of the Intergalactic Federation in the Jasper Galaxy, it is an example of peace, democracy and utopian life in this wild universe we live in". - Minister Allain Gildorf

Artemis is a terran world, located in the Leto system, in the Jasper Nebula. It is a planet of The Intergalactic Federation, previously known as the Lewis Federation. Artemis is the most populated world and the main administrative capital of this nation in the Jasper Nebula. It has thus, the status of being one of the most important planets of the Intergalactic federation. Its the capital of the Jasper Sector, and all Federal colonies located in the Jasper Nebula are supervised and manage through Artemis.

The planet is a haven for live and technology. It has a small Unionist population as well as many delegations and small immigrant groups from The United Alliance and the Empire of Mankind. It also holds a small Aldorian population, mainly Inosh from the Aldorian League, some delegations from other Aldorian nations and a tiny amount of Aldorian immigrants. Although they make less than 5% of the entire population of Artemis.

Artemis is the most important world of the Intergalactic Federation on the Jasper Nebula and all together tops the list of the main 20 most crucial planets of this nation alongside the Core planets in the Lewis Galaxy.

The planet holds a very beautiful architectural style,, and together with astonishing scenery, it has attracted many artists to take inspiration in Artemis. It has been famous as well as one of the main touristic spots of the Jasper Nebula.


The Planet has six continents. They are as follow: Pangea, Ilmar, Telen, Arlandis, Yuma and Drosdil.

  • Pangea: Its the biggest of all the continents, being very large and holdings countless peaks and high mountains. It also has large plains and grass lands suitable for agriculture. Still the soil is cold and harsh in some areas and mining is prefered.
  • Ilmar: Its the second most populated continent. It is the second smallest but has also a very nice beauty and diverse fauna.
  • Telen: Its an agricultural continent but has several industrialised areas along the coasts.
  • Arlandis: Its the most populated continent of Artemis and one of the most beautiful. It also holds the capital city of Hellas.
  • Yuma: Its the smallest of all the continents
  • Drosdil: Its also known for its beauty, it holds the fourth largest population. It is famous for its nice artistic and musical study centers all over the Intergalactic Federation, holding one of the most sophisticated art centers of that nation.