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The Ascension Plane is a mystical realm co-existing with the Palioxis Starfield, made up of an eternal cosmic sea of azure mist and superheated plasma in a constant state of flow. The azure mist, which defines the Ascension Plane's personality and makes it whole, is known as Halycon, renowned for its ability to greatly accelerate evolutionary processes. The environment of the Ascension Plane is continuously fluctuating, purely described by rough currents and ongoing lightning, as the environment is in a never-ending clash with the forces of nature. What further adds to the grandeur of the Ascension Plane are its exotic forms of life, which constantly roam the entirety of the Ascension Plane, defined solely by the word "alien".

In a sense, the Ascension Plane is widely considered to be the most significant realm to the Starfield community in that it is the source of the most rapid superluminal travel. As the Ascension Plane is located directly 'on top' of the Palioxis Starfield, offset in four-dimensional space, it shares the aforementioned realm's coordinates, though on a smaller scale. This unique, and most of the time, not clearly understood property is excessively utilized for faster-than-light travel in the form of the Quantum Shift Drive, which forges a temporary three-dimensional shortcut in four-dimensional space, which leads to the Ascension Plane and back.


The view of entering the Ascension Plane through a Quantum Shift Drive



The presence of gravity-wells in the Palioxis Starfield disturbs the structure of space-time in the Ascension Plane, creating gravity-shadows. Within the confines of gravity-shadows, the structure of space-time begins to morph into a myriad of predefined shapes, a state of constant, neverending fluctuation. It has been conceptualized that it is the bending of space-time which causes these, though, by that theory, the Ascension Plane would be entirely lethal, as to account for even the smallest particles of dust scattered about.

Upon contact with a gravity-shadow, a craft explodes in a swift burst of light, dematerialized out of physical existence into five-dimensional space, left as nothing but wreckage offset in two additional dimensions. Therefore, most vessels are equipped with quantum computers that calculate the entire Ascension Plane route, which involves a series of constant turns and changes in trajectory, sometimes making it impossible to even jump out near its destination. This has led to the creation of Starlanes, cosmic highways clear of all debris, forming a great complex of branching roads leading to dozens of worlds. Occasionally, artificial gravity-shadows are created, though the magnitude of power required is immense, far beyond the capacity of any legal ship.



Ascension Angels, one of the more intelligent beasts of the realm

The abundance of celestial beasts roaming amongst the azure fog is one of the Ascension Plane's more unusual characteristics. The majority of these species have been seen to resemble typical marine organisms such as whales, rays, and fish. The entities of the Ascension Plane occasionally take on more exotic and strange characteristics based on the depth at which they reside, with beings of the lowest depths bearing no resemblance to their upper counterparts. The majority of these organisms lack intellect, yet a tiny number of species have achieved rudimentary sentience. Despite this, no race has yet figured out how to use their environment to their benefit, if that's even possible.

For millennia, scientists have been perplexed by the origins of these beasts, resulting in a slew of theories, none of which have been proven. The most well-known of these claims is that the Ascension Plane's ecosystem arose from basic microscopic creatures introduced into the realm by an unidentified individual. These organisms began rapidly advancing into creatures adapted to the odd environment of the Ascension Plane due to the inherent qualities of the azure mist that floods the entire realm. After the alternate plane's first inhabitants were born, they began to spread almost everywhere, prompting mutations to emerge to cope with the new surroundings. These organisms fully developed to their modern-day state over millions of years, diverging across the entire realm.