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Ashalon II Tarnos, is the current Emperor of the Empire of Mankind as of the year 100,000 CE. He is the direct descendant of Hannakon I Tarnos and Horis Tarnos and belongs to the Tarnos Dynasty. He is consider the First Emperor among the Emperors of the Second Millennium, being his son Erion, heir apparent to the Throne.

He was born in Elpida, inside the Imperial Palace, in the year 99,662 CE and became Emperor after his father's death in the year 99,874 CE. This means he has ruled the Empire for about 212 years.

Megumi Tarnos (Former Megumi Takanashi), current Empress Consort of the Empire of Mankind

He is married to Megumi Takanashi, of the powerful Takanashi Family. This has mean successful commercial deals between the Empire and their famous company, Takanashi Antimatter, giving supplies of better quality and at a better price. They have together two sons and three daughters. Erion is married with a member of the Verres Dynasty, the sister of the Emperor of Greater Martial Consilium, while one of the Daughters of Ashalon is married to the Current Emperor of Greater Martial Consilium in a dual marriage alliance exchange. Another of his daughter is married to the Zykov Family, while the other one is still too young for marriage but has been already engaged to a pivotal member of the Merinburg Family.

Physical Appearance

Like all the Tarnos, he is considered to be attractive and sexy. He was genetically perfected to the point his genetic ancestry was clean of all traces of sickness and empowered to make the Emperor wise, more handsome, strong, fit and built.


Conception and Birth

Ashalon was conceived through careful selective breeding, just like any member of the elite, even more royalty. Sicknesses were cleared up, his mental, physical and social abilities enhanced, his lifespam enlarged and his height as well as beauty were increased. The pregnancy was carefully monitored by Imperial genetics. In order to prevent any plot or anything, the Empire has created about 100 different teams that compete with each other in order to guarantee complete success. The entire city of Ayone is dedicated to the only purpose of producing the next male in line of the Empire.

When he was born on Elpida within the Imperial Palace, the Empire declared holidays and festivities to take place for several standard days in each and every world of the Empire. Ashalon was born a healthy baby. He was thus cared for by the Imperial Nunaries, a body specially trained for such a task.


Most of his childhood was spent on Elpida by ocasionally he travelled to Tarnis.


He received education from some of the most erudites in the Empire. He was sent to the planet of .... for training and education. Also to avoid having the Emperor and the heir presumptive in the same world.


Soon, It was decided that a foreign marriage will take place. This will bring new blood to the family from the Takanashi Family.




Erion, Heir to the Imperial Throne and Son of Ashalon II Tarnos.

Ashalon had 5 children with the Empress Megumi: Erion, Claudia, Thardos, Alisha and Orena.

  • Erion is the heir apparent and is married to the Sister of the Emperor of Greater Martial Consilium.
  • Claudia is married to the current Emperor of the Greater Martial Consilium.
  • Thardos is married to Orena Sigurdsson, one of the current Sigurdssons daughters and heir apparent to the house.
  • Alisha is married to the heir of the House Zykov, son of Fiona Zykov.
  • Orena is still too young and is still single, although several proposals to marry her with either the Merinburgs, the Hayalons or the Etchalons have been proposed. However, engagement seems most likely with the Merinburgs.