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The Association of Anuur is a state within the Nuurian Federation, located in the Kevenam Galaxy and thus in Herschel Space. This State is home to the homeworld of the Nuurian species, Anuur, and holds the oldest space settlements and colonized worlds of the species. Due to this, the Association has been held dearly by the Nuurians, specially the Traditionalist who have appointed Anuur as the capital of their nation, the Nuurian Federation.

The state is relatively small compared to other states of the Nuurian Federation, but has a high density of population, making it in fact one of the most populated areas of the Nuurian Federation. The core of the Association is in fact Anuur but other highly inhabited worlds exist within, worlds that stayed loyal to Anuur or had strong links or dependancy with it.

The rule on Anuur is based of a Parlament, called "The Hall of Stars" that in Nuurian language is known as "Denkuu Arun an Tiluur". It holds seats based on representation by population. Each associated member gets at least one seat in the parlament and it increased the larger the population is. Some associates have been united in one to make the necessary population requirements to have at least one seat. The parlament of the Association is located in Inku, making it the virtual capital of the Association. This was due to decentralized power, as Anuur already serves as the seat of the "Parlament of Voices" which is the parlament of the Nuurian Federation.


Before the Association was even formed, the early Anuurians began an exploration and colonization process all over the adjacent star systems. They settled many worlds that they found along the way. With time, Anuur became the center of it all and thus the capital of a strong Nuurian state. However, with time, many of the colonies increased in size, wealth and influence and began to resent the control exerted by Anuur. Some of the colonies began to battle each other over control and influence. These wars worried Anuur as it watched powerless how their own colonies battled, allied and negotiated terms ignoring Anuur in the process. This was a known phenomenon between the wars of Linku and Fuundar, that ended with the alliance between Linku and Teluun, and the later war between Fuundar and Keelur in which the old enemies of Fuundar associated with it to defeat Keelur.

It didnt take much more to create tense relations and outbreaks across some of the most powerful and distant colonies. Most notably, the worlds of Keelur, Nuur, Linku, Fuundar, Teluun and more. They realized they did not need Anuur and wanted to break free from it's rule. This began a series of conflicts and wars, known as "the great breaking" in which many states were formed as a result.

What was left was Anuur and its most loyal colonies, which rearanged themselves to form the Association of Anuur. Not much later, talks began due to the rise of the Lorship and is strong power growth that was menacing the many traditionalist nations. As a result of this talks, the traditionalist states (religious and democratic) arranged to form the Nuurian Federation, to which several members of the traditionalist later adhere.

In recognition to the importance of Anuur for the species, it was granted the seat of the Federation, however it state was very much free in terms of legislation, jurisdiction and others on a local level. The Association has little power over the other states and even itself is bounded to the Federal law and rule.

Important Worlds

  • Anuur

The homeworld of the Nuurian species, it is a highly populated world. Most of the major religions still are present in this planet as well as divergent cultures still predominate.

  • Meshuur

A loyal member of the Association, it has gathered ever since the expantion of Anuur the military of the nation. On top of that, it has a deep phylosophy of respect for the homeworld they came from and the Meshuurians are closely tied to Anuur. It is as well one of the oldest colonized worlds of Anuur and one of the closest to Anuur itself. They are highly skilled in military production and have large scale agricultural production. The planet is a center of Tel-Naamism.

  • Inku

The planet is the seat of the current Association. It was done so Anuur did not concentrate all the power of the association as well as the Nuurian Federation. Inku is a planet of financial importance and from the old days it hold most of the banks of the old Nuurian State, and currently, it holds most of the Association banks and some of the most important financial institutions found within the Nuurian Federation. Tel-Naamism and Iklanism the main religions in this planet even though they arent a fervent religious society.