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"The Embassy of our nation in Confederate territory, it is a wonder to behold. A perfect image of all the wonders you can find in the planets that make up our nation. A vibrant world, full of commerce and wealth due to its strategic position, as well as the planet that connects us, in Herschel Space, with Via Aylathiya, our former home Galaxy" - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian

Astarte is a terran world, located in Via Aylathiya It was long terraformed by the Intergalactic Federation, one of the Lewis Nations, and settled to serve as an embassy world of this nation in territory of the Boreal Federacy. It is located in the Theras System, orbiting Theras A, a Yellow Dwarf Star.


The world was colonized in 48,190 CE, a symbolic year, in order to commemorate 3.000 year after the founding of the Intergalactic Federation (previously known as the Lewis Federation). Its terraforming was aided by Confederate forces until its conclusion in 48,250, when it was given as a diplomatic present between both nations, to celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of Anarian settlers into Herschel Space, from which most of the population of the Lewis Nations is descendant.

Contact between the I.F and the CoB was established officially in 48,002 CE, when the nation was proclaimed and joined the Intergalactic Council membership. But it wasn't until 48 422 CE that both nations began formal and active contact and cooperation, seeing that most of their values where similar. Even by 49 560 CE there was an open debate about joining the Confederation among Federal citizens. Those ideas were finally abandoned although some really small amount of supporters remain to this day (~0,05% of the population).


This Planet has five moons: Leiva, Tildar, Udil, Babel and Ares. Only Tildar has a considerable size, being the rest dwarf moons.

There are three oceans on Astarte: a small one over the north, a small one over the southern pole, and a large one that goes from north to south connecting both poles and splitting the continental mass. The Oceans are known as Olis, Neris and Mekaia.

The planet has two poles, and one large supercontinent divided into three large subcontinents, that for geopolitical reasons are taken as three continents. These are Sayan, Rodina and Ikeda. The poles are known as Akara and Elena

The Continent of Ikeda and Rodina are the most populous and where most cities are located. The Continent of Sayan is more agricultural and primary based.

  • Ikeda:

It the most important continent in the planet. It hold Eldeia, the Capital and largest city on the planet. It also holds the city of Origin, the oldest settlement among the original 5 outpost created by the Settlers. It has a total population of 17 Billion. The economy of the region spins mostly around financial assets, such as banking and insurance, stock exchange and as the seat of many important companies. It is also a center for administration, real estate and health.

  • Rodina:

Its the second most populated one, with about 14 Billion inhabitants. Most of the industry is based around shipbuilding, military facilities and Education. It holds important universities dedicated to Economics, Architecture, Physics and Engineering. A large part of the economy is also centered around manufacturing.

  • Sayan:

The total population is 11 Billion. It is mostly a rural region, mostly dedicated to large scale food production, not only to feed the settlers of Astarte, but to export it to the colonies of the Thebes system, since without food produced here, the colonies could not survive, as many have a deficit on food production since their own hydroponic production is still not enough to cover the demand.

  • Elena:

Is mostly a ice wasteland. It has some facilities, and up to 380 million residents on several scientific domes and residential refuges. Also large portions are dedicated to drinking water and energy production.

  • Akara:

Has a population of 620 million people, in the Islands located off the shores of the Neris Ocean and in several domes across the icecap, mostly for minerals and scientific purposes. There is mostly a section also dedicated to drinking water extraction and energy production, as well as fossil fuels.

Map of Astarte with names.jpg


The World has become a busy hub of trade between the I.F and the CoB, specially after the construction of a Wormhole that connected both nations alongside the Theras system. It is a hub for international banking affairs, manufacturing and exports. It is also important in agriculture, since most of the fauna and flora of this world was made in order to represent different faunas and floras found on planets of the I.F territory. Since those plants are mostly form the Lewis Galaxy and Herschel Space, the Inhabitants of Via Aylathiya could try and see them as an exotic thing to them.

The System has a Wormhole that connects the Planet straight to the Lewis Galaxy and Herschel Space, allowing a constant flow of goods between both regions.