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Astra is an ecumenopolis in the Tarea System, and one of the de-facto capitals of the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy. It is the most populated planet in the Florathel Galaxy, and is composed of sixty four layers of cities.


Originally a dead, airless planet, Astra is a fully civilized world, and also one of the most significant worlds to ever exist in the Florathel Galaxy. It's colonization began shortly after the formation of United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy.

Before colonization, the planet was a generic lifeless world, but today it is filled with many bustling streets, factories, and skyscrapers. Astra is the most populated ecumenopolis planet in the entirety of the Florathel Galaxy.

Astra was chosen as the capital of the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy because of its location near the center of UNFG territory and the fact that it was not in the official territory of any civilization, to avoid disputes. Astra was basically colonized for this purpose.


Astra before colonization

At the end of the War of Saiheran Succession and the founding of the UNFG with the Fifth Treaty of Providence, there was much bickering on where to put the headquarters of the organization. Whenever a member nation suggested a site within the territory of anyone, multiple other nations objected, and negotiations ground to a halt. Suggestions for this role included Carlea, suggested by the Whedan Union, Saleas, suggested by the EFS, and a station to be constructed around the Heart of Providence, suggested by the FTIC.

To end all the bickering, the nations chose a random planet outside the territory of any nation. This planet was specially chosen so that its gravity and equilibrium temperature would be as close to comfortable as possible for species in the UNFG. The planet chosen was Astra.

First, engineers from across the UNFG swarmed to Astra to take part in the terraforming process. This resulted in the construction of a stable atmosphere and magnetic field in a record fifteen years, after which the construction of the huge cities of the planet could take place.

The first buildings ever constructed on the planet were the Great Spires, immensely tall skyscrapers containing virtually all government functions as well as the capability to be fully self-sustaining. These were quickly surrounded by other buildings, housing the colonists which poured onto the planet.

Astra was designed from the ground up as a world where anyone could live in peace, and this was achieved. Astra is considered to be one of the most diverse worlds in the entire universe, with individuals from almost every species in the galaxy present. To this day, the planet is a shining symbol of what is possible when everyone in the galaxy cooperates to do something great.


The surface population of Astra comes in at over thirty trillion individuals from across the Florathel Galaxy. There are no particular population densities on the planet, but the bottom layer is much less populated than the other six. Astra is by far the most populous planet in terms of surface population in the entire galaxy and contains roughly 0.01% of the entire galaxy's population. There is roughly 8,800 people per square kilometer on a single layer, making the planet incredibly population-dense.

In orbit there are enough orbital habitats to fill an entire star system, bringing the planet's total population up to 6 quintillion people. This means that Astra's sphere of influence is incredibly densely packed, and it is nearly impossible to hold an orbit around Astra without routine corrections to avoid smacking into a habitat.



Centralis, filled with thousands of different buildings.

Centralis is the largest province on Astra, and the most populated portion of the planet. It is filled with thousands of skyscrapers, entertainment buildings, and many other large buildings. Thousands of cultures, and spacefaring species live in this city, making it very diverse.

Centralis is also the site of many government buildings of the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy, including the Council of Nations, a vast building designed to house and feed over a thousand individuals of different species, the representatives from various nations in the UNFG, so they can discuss various laws and treaties with outside nations and generally govern the galaxy.


Vyre is the second most powerful province and is home to the vast majority of the heat sinks of the planet, due to its position over the south pole. Vyre has an outsize role in ruling Astra, as if it doesn't get what it wants, it can shut down the heat sinks and burn everyone to death.


Staralae would be wholly unacknowledged outside of its immediate planetary vicinity if it weren't for the Staralae university, the foremost educational site in the entire Florathel Galaxy. All citizens hope to be educated by its personal AI virtual tutors, which, due to advances in Artificial Intelligence, vastly increases the number of students that can be taught at Staralae.


Astra has six moons, due to its relatively distant orbit around an F-type star giving it a large sphere of influence.


Zenaraca from above

Zenaraca is less densely populated than its parent planet, as a good portion of its surface is still reserved for natural spaces. Zenaraca also grows much more food than Astra, supplying much of its food. The moon grows heavily genetically modified crops, designed to grow absurdly fast under the right light, and vat-grown meat.

Minor Moons

A minor moon of Astra, with its large mining station bolted to the side

Astra has many minor moons, each of which has been heavily mined to produce the millions of space stations surrounding the planet.