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"Astrion, the center of the Banking and Financial Industry in the Empire. It holds the Imperial Bank, the state house of the Imperial Currency: the Imperial Credit. It has one of the most fascinating and beautiful Landscape in the nation, with great resorts and tourist spots. It has also one of the biggest trading harbours, and is located in a strategic location. Its people are descendants of Pax settlers and have inherit from them their tenacity, entrepreneurship, rational and practical thinking as well as their taste to make money. Hard people who have build themselves in order to survive. They are bankers and won't spare any cent they lent, that's for sure." - Senator Maes Prim

Astrion is a Terran World, a terrestrial terra, on the Golda System, a binary one, orbiting Golda B, a White Star of the main-sequence, with Golda A being a Red Giant Star. It is located in the Lewis Galaxy, deep in Herschel Space. The Planet is known as the seat of the Imperial Bank of the Empire of Mankind to which it belongs. This is the most important imperial financial entity since is the State Bank. Alongside Pax, it is the second most financially driven Planet in the Empire of Mankind.

Lios Corporation Heartquarters.

The Planet is also the seat of "Lios Corporation", the biggest Imperial Enterprise dedicated to Imperial Transportation and Transport Engineering and Construction. Although construction has been outsourced to other planets, the design and know how remains in Astrion. The Famous "Lios Imperatus", are the main transport of passengers in charge of taking Imperial Citizens from different corners of the Empire. It is the seat of Power of the Dalvan Family, one of the Richest and more Powerful of the Empire.

Astrion is located in the Intersection of two important Hyperspace lanes, boosting commerce in the area. It is also located in the Center of the Lewis Galaxy. This means that the planet has soon serve as a trading center as well, and help refuel and repair many travelling vessels.

This World is known for its cold and alpine beauty, its landscapes and mountainous terrain have made the planet a beautiful spot for tourism. The Main economic activities are related to Financial and Banking sectors, with one of the Biggest and most important Universities of Economics in the Empire.


The Planet was founded in 21,958 CE, during the time of the Republic of Elpida, mostly by settlers from Pax, due to its proximity, as well as some settlers from Haldar. It is one of the Oldest Planets to be Colonized and is considered a core world.

The first colonists had to adapt quickly due to the small fertile terrain able to be use for agriculture and the cold mountainous land. It was done mostly by specialling into financial assets and small monetary, insurance and trading deals and businesses. This had the attention of many corporations who started with time to move to the Planet. Some new ones also appeared. Astrion's importance increased so greatly, that the Imperial State Bank was given to Astrion by the Emperor, in order to decentralize the Government out of the three capitals.

During the Nobility War, Astrion became loyal to the Emperor, although the Planet was conquered by Rebellious Forces soon after the start of the war. The Dalvan Family, loyal to the Emperor, was soon deprived of their Home Planet. This made them lie on a precarious financial situation for most of the War but their wealthy was restored later, when the war was won.

The Dalvan Family has been known as a more close to the People than other Aristocratic Families and this is due (or so do the Citizens tell according to the legend) because the Dalvan were during the war, common as any other citizen in wealth, and the lord of that time became so aware of this austerity principles that he made them teach to each other in every generation. Even if the Dalvan's are loved by the People, they have in no way renounce to their economic privileges having luxurious items and incredible high standards of living.

In the War of the Two Emperors, the House Dalvan allied with Empress Larissa and Emperor Roldar I, and after the war, they were spare from repercussions.


The Planet has three moons, but just one of them is important, known as Ethaia, it is the biggest by far, making the planet to suffer from intense seatides. The other moons are small rocky satellites, known as Toy and Bari.

The Planet has two oceans, the Doana Ocean and the Mika Ocean. Astrion has 5 continents known as Selna, Asora, Egodin, Vura and Modein

Astrion Map.jpg
Astrion Map 1.jpg
  • Asora: It's the most populated continent and is home to the largest population. It is, alongside Selna, the only fertile continent able to be cultivated and with comfortable temperatures for the settlers. It's the Seat of the Imperial Bank, and is as well the center of many banking institutions and services. The City of Midaila is the Biggest and Oldest City in the Planet and Holds the State Bank and the House of the Coin. Trading is alongside banking, one of the main economic activities of this Continent.
  • Selna: It's the second most populated continent, although its the biggest of all. It is alongside Asora, the only fertile continent with a comfortable temperature. It is the most agricultural of all and also one of the main centers for the Tourist industry in the Planet. The City of Deiena Holds the University of Economics, as well as many service and financial institutions and is the Third biggest city. The City and continent are also mostly base on Trading, being one of its base economic activities.
  • Egodin: It's the third most populated continent although it is the smallest. It has a high density towards the south and is known to be the most beautiful of all the continents. It's economy is based mostly on serving financial assets and insurances. It is the seat of Lios Corporation Headquarters. Alka is its biggest City and where the Headquarters are located. It is the Second Biggest city in the Planet.
  • Vura: It's the least populated continent, and is mostly covered by ice. The visible part is famous for its tourism, its fishing and Chemical and energy production. Its one of the main spots for vessels to refuel and repair themselves. It's also a main mining continent.
  • Modein: Its the second least populated continent. It has also most of its surface covered by ice. The visible area its a center for Ship building (mostly associated with Lios Corporation) and Energy Production. Modein is also the main stopping spot for vessels looking to refuel or repair themselves after travelling throughout the Hyperspace lanes.

Society and Population

Location of Astrion in the Lewis Galaxy

The Peoples of Astrion are culturally very similar to those of Pax. They share many cultural aspects with them, being a colony of the Paxians. It has been stated that thanks to them, they acquired the significant economic knowledge to set up new business and companies of finance, insurances etc... that could rival even those of Pax. Still, contacts and business deals between Astrians and Paxians are a common thing in their respective daily lives.

Astrians are known for being hardworking people, sometimes even workaholics, affluent but still humble due to their poor origins and the nature of their homeworld. They are always saving, and are known as "playing dutch" by other Imperial Citizens.

Nightlife is very broad and many forms of entertainment exist, due to many of the workers not only having money but a sometimes stressful life. Entrepreneurial, they like to make bold decisions, more so than Paxians. They like to dress in black, greys and blues and jewelry makes a extensive part of their culture, specially for women. Most of this luxury comes from the mines of Vura and Modein and is elaborated by artisans "en masse". Some of this jewels are a very famous and demanded commodity in the Empire.




The Koraux is an apex predator, native of Planet Astrion, but has been imported to several planets, mostly terraformed ones following the Astrion model. Koraux exist in several planets, mostly inside the Empire of Mankind's territory. They can be seen in Meldan, Elpida, Efesus, Alma, Eyen, Hangulia, Tarnis, Hamlet, Monka and many more worlds.

Koruax: Physical

It is similar to a Saurus reptiloide of warm blood, they lived independently and alone for most of their lives. They are very territorial and is considered dangerous to be around Wild Koraux. Some of them have been domesticated and used by several High Families, most notably the Dalvan Family. The Koraux is in fact the emblem animal of the House.

Koraux are said to be very strong animals, with a very difficult will to turn around, sometimes stubborn and very powerful and majestic in their attacks.

They have a lot of strength and Humans usually fear them and avoid them, but the Koraux rarely targets humans as they are too small to feed itself, and prefers larger preys.

Koruax: Reproduciton

During reproduction time, the female enters a reproductive cicle in which it gets fertile and liberates several substances and hormones that attract males. Once the male has fertilize the female, he remains closeby until the female lays the eggs, around 29 Astrion days. The normal amount of eggs is between 1 and 5, being normally 3. Then they will protect the nest and incubate the eggs up until several months until they hatch. During this time, the male is in charge of Hunting and taking the food to the female. Once the issue is born, the male leaves the family and the Female is back into the lead. The Male may stay for up to several days until the new saurus are a bit more grown and independence but if the male doesn't leave, the female usually expels him from the nest. The Female would hide the family and go hunt on her own and come back. While she is not hunting she will be alongside her issue.

For sometime, especially during the late childhood of the Saurus, once they are about to get adulthood, they go hunt with their mother in order to learn the techniques and get practice. Once the mother considers their children to be big enough, she forces them to leave her territory and look for one of their own. The Saurus may join a group of young saurus for a while before they become fully independent and leave on their own.