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"The most important of the Moons of Kolth, this world is the jewel of the Tison System without a shadow of a doubt. A wonderful world to live in. It provides not only for itself but for the entire system. Located at a crossroads of trade and resources, Atherak has been blessed and has become the wealthiest world and thus the most famous among the Moons of Kolth." - Senator, Maes Prim

The Planet Atherak is located in the Tison System, orbiting a gas giant known as Kolth as well as a Blue Giant Star. It is located in the Alba region within the Iskadi Galaxy, in Herschel space and belongs to the Empire of Mankind.

It is the epicenter of the Tison System, being is administrative capital, and the capital of the Etchalon dominions within the Alba Region.

The Planet is also very well located within the Galaxy, with several trade routes converging through the system and the planet. It has as well an artificial wormhole, connecting the Tison system with the Lewis Galaxy. Most notably with Haldar. The Wormhole was constructed and connected with this system to facilitate connection and settlement, as well as busting trade. Most of the resources are exported to create military equipment and machinery in Haldar.

The Atherak elite warriors are also a famous asset from this world. Usually trained in hardship and made to serve the elite as bodyguards or small armies.


Atherak was colonized in 58 310 CE, by settlers from Haldar and to some extend from the Trimeka System worlds ( that is moslty Meksis, Aku, Brelax, Vinedren and Marvul ). Later on, many other settlers from other worlds came to live in the planet. After, Atherak became the home base for colonization of the entire system, creating colonies in the other Moons of Kolth. This is the reason why Atherak is nicknamed by inhabitants of the Tison System as "The Homeland" or "The Homeworld", since all colonies trace back to Atherak.

From their founding fathers, the Atherakians have inherited an austere form of life, with hard work as their main heraldic emblem. They are quiet and sometimes arrogant, but very good in their fields of work. This has made Atherak wealthy, and most of the industry needed in the Colonies of the Tison System is produced here. Mostly food, manufactured items, luxury, textiles, fashion and others.

Atherakians refer to other Tison inhabitants with a bit of superiority and think of them as just "simple miners". Although this is not the case for every Atherakian


The Climate of Atherak is very similar to that of temperate terra worlds. Most of the planet has a continental and oceanic climate, with colder towards the poles and warmer towards the equator, but the planet is really even in terms of climatology. Gravity is also low, so there are several "Floating seas" of rocks as they are called.

Due to its gravitational atraction towards Kolth, this has warm out the planet inside out. The big size of Kolth has also prevented Atherak from receiving impacts from space objects, due to its proximity with the Gas Giant.

There are about 4 continents and 2 icecap continents. One of them is also divided between north and south, making about 7 continents in all. This are: Taslirda, Moikava, Yarenda, Kusma, Poxa, Zerun, Colira. There are also 3 oceans, known as Tretim, Usaida, Ledana.