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Atrillon is a temperate planet in the Namegi Galaxy galaxy and is the homeworld of the Zurons.


It is the fifth planet from its star, Vyrn'tarr, a K-type orange dwarf. It is very wet and boggy, usually having rain and even snow on some occasions. Mighty auroras form at the expansive polar icecaps that make for a scenic view.

Seven moons orbit around Atrillon, one of which is a selena.

It is believed to have suffered one if not two major extinction events judging by the enormous craters found in some areas on the surface.


It is the homeworld of the Zurons, a race of feathered reptiles. The Zurons have expanded beyond their planet and colonized various places throughout the Vyrn'tarr system.

Most of them live in a sprawling megacity on the larger supercontinent which has a population of 4.5 billion. The others living in smaller cities located on other parts of the planet.

Culture and Technology

The Zurons are staunch atheists and find all forms of religion and superstition offensive but are a peaceful race nevertheless.

Not long after venturing into space, they discovered subglacial life on a dwarf planet in the system. After studying that life, some of their food industries began to fish for specimens of life that were considered to be a delicacy and ship them back to Atrillon for consumption. Some groups on Atrillon however, were against this and demanded that the life on that world should be left alone. Soon, Zurons across the system began to protest against their food industry for doing this and even attacked and destroyed a fishing outpost.

Zuron technology is fairly advanced. For example, their ships only take a few hours to reach the nearest system. Zurons also utilize fast deep space probes which they use to explore further into space.