Auraji (RS 8474-1353-8-11843423-48) is a low mass red dwarf 8.93 light years from Sol in the constellation Cetus.


Five planets orbit around the star and is the location of the infamous Waypoint Station between Adalia and Euton.

The star is notable for being very small as it had a slight wobble when first dicovered which was caused by its two largest gas giants, Adalia and Fobas.


Auraji was discovered in the year 2135 which was a bit of a surprise to astronomers since it was so small that it hadn't been noticed before.

Shortly after its discovery, FTL probes were sent to the system to explore and analyse the orbiting planets.

The results proved promising as some potential worlds for possible colonies or mines showed up.

In 2154, Waypoint station was built which serves as a stop-by for spacers travelling from and towards Sol or other nearby local systems.

In 3001, small floating cities were built in the skies of the system's third planet, Adalia, a gas giant. Adalia was the first gas giant to be colonized outside the Solar System.

One of the most interesting things about the system is its planet, Fobas, a large gas giant which seems to be hiding a mysterious construct inside it.







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