“Auralumina is truly one of the most magnificent systems in the Cosmoria Galaxy. I like to call it the "System of Life", since even the harshest, and emptiest worlds have alien ecosystems.” -Unknown Traveller.


Auralumina is a highly prominent binary star system located in the Cosmoria Galaxy. This system is also the capital of the Collective Systems of Cosmoria. The Auralumina system is compromised of 2 stars, Aura, and Lumina which unified create the name of the system. Aura and Lumina are relatively similar to each other, with Aura being classified as a Main Sequence G2 V star and Lumina classified as a G4 V star. The pair orbits a common barycenter in only around fifty days, with the distance between them being very little.


The pair of Aura and Lumina have 12 worlds in total orbiting them. The system is divided into three different sections. The Inner Auralumina System contains the worlds of Rensen, Ryless, Mahey, Aziel, Aurantia and Luia. Then after that, comes the Aura Inner Belt, separating the Inner Auralumina System from the Outer Auralumina System, which contains: Arlight, Corvus and Eraina in the Aura Inner Belt. Then comes the Aura Outer Belt, which hides three worlds behind it, named Yustrion, Delvanus and Zanoganus making up the Limit Auralumina System.

Planetary Bodies

Auralumina- 1: Rensen

Rensen from space.

Rensen is the first planet in the prominent Auralumina System. Found orbiting exceedingly close to the stars of Aura and Lumina, the surface of Rensen is constantly being scorched under the burning starlight. This leaves the planet enveloped by a torrid temperature of around four hundred fifty celsius on average. Rensen possesses a fairly dense atmosphere mainly composed of the gases of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. This atmosphere in turn traps the incoming heat from Aura and Lumina, almost doubling the planet's temperature if it were without an atmosphere. Rensen's gray surface is fairly flat, having no impact craters as a result of it's extremely dense atmospheres.

Many large canyons filled with liquid magma and lava are seen running along the ground of Rensen, some being nearly as large as a a half of the planet's diameter. These canyons are even clearly seen from space. While relatively flat, many mountain ranges reside on the equator and poles of Rensen. Like many worlds with extreme environmental hazards, Rensen is primarily used for mining out valuable resources deep within it's crust. This has led to five hundred forty seven fully-automated mining colonies to be built on Rensen. These automated mining colonies regularly transport the mined resources to many inhabited worlds, such as Aziel and Aurantia.

Auralumina- 2: Ryless

Ryless from space.

Ryless is the first planet situated in the system of Auralumina, and one of the most famous hostile planets in the Cosmoria Galaxy territory to ever exist. The world is dominated by intense plasma storms, leaving the surface scorched in a dark gray mountainous landscape blanketed by the purple/pink colored dense atmosphere of argon, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. The planet is extremely hostile, as even the toughest species are unable withstand the pressure of 28 Atmospheres present on the surface. Even the world's parent stars of Aura and Lumina are nearly invisible, shrouded by the crushing atmosphere. Ryless is oftentimes mistaken as a gas giant due to the appearance of it's atmosphere.

The average surface temperature of Ryless is nine hundred degrees celsius, disintegrating most living beings. The scorched world orbits Auralumina from a tiny distance of 0.5 AU, completing a single orbit in 176 days. Ryless is the slowest rotating body in it's system, completing a single rotational period in 642 Standard Days. Ryless has a diameter of about 6,754 km, and a low gravity of 0.56 G. Ryless has a large number of gravitational anomalies, often happening in the form of areas of unstable and constantly shifting gravitational force, leaving any explorer brave enough to enter an area of gravitational anomaly to be stuck there unless a good enough jetpack in equipped. A rather strange phenomenon to note in the areas of gravitational anomalies are essentially small-sized islands that are seen to be entirely stabilized in the constantly shifting gravity.

Auralumina- 3: Mahey

Mahey from space.

Auralumina- 4: Aziel

Aziel from space.

Auralumina- 5: Aurantia

Aurantia from space.

Auralumina- 6: Luia

Luia from space.

Auralumina- 1-B: Aura Inner Belt

The densest region of Aura Inner Belt seen from space.

Auralumina- 7: Arlight

Arlight from space.

Auralumina- 8: Corvus

Corvus from space.

Auralumina- 9: Eraina

Eraina from space.

Auralumina- 2-B: Aura Outer Belt

A large asteroid seen in the Aura Outer Belt.

Auralumina- 10: Yustrion

Yustrion from space.

Auralumina- 11: Delvanus

Delvanus from space.

Auralumina- 12: Zanoganus

Zonoganus from space.

Major Moons

Auralumina- 4-1: Cadonia

Cadonia from space.

Auralumina- 4-2: Messoria

Messoria from space.

Auralumina- 4-3: Altum

Alutm from space.

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