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"One of the Thirteen Founding Colonies of the Intergalactic Federation, the Former Granary of the Akai Nebulae, millions upon millions depend on its production to feed themselves, still, Aurora is much more. This Planet is home to elegance, sophistication, fashion, architecture and good cuisine. It is the epitome of classic and beauty in our Nation. It is also the place I call home." - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian.

Aurora is a terran world, located in the Albis System, rotating Albis A a White sun. It is located in the Akai Nebulae, in the Lewis Galaxy, deep into Herschel Space. It belongs to The Intergalactic Federation, and its the seat of its Judicial Power. The Planet was colonized by Refugees from the conflicts and war between the Empire and the Union. Novans and Mirdanians, helped making the planet ecosystem more suitable for the refugees by slightly terraforming this world to take the massive amount of refugees their planets could not longer bare to hold. Elysium was also subject to this slight terraforming process, but Elysium became more prominent than Aurora, thus gaining the Capital seat of the nation.

It is one of the 13 founding planets of the I.F and as such, the planet is not only one of the most important in terms of economy and population, but most notably its importance is rather symbolic and Aurora lies deep in ever I.F citizen's heart. It is also the seat of the Judicial Power, with the High Courts being placed here. This was an attempt to decentralized Elysium and was made effective quite recently.

Better known as the Granary of the Akai Nebulae, the Planet has been transformed and Agriculture, although still playing a huge part on its economy, isn't any more the main sources of the planet's income. Nowadays It is slowly switching towards services and other industries.

Aurorans are kind and proud people that have created a civilization of their own somehow, with many cultural particularities only found in the planet. They like to wear large robes and nice hair garments. Jewellery is also very important in the nations culture. They received some influences from Tarsus, the most populated planet of the Union, due to immigration in the early days from Mirdan, which in turn had many influences from Tarsus due to many early Mirdans coming from that planet.

It is the Judicial Capital of the Federation and where the main courts are located at. It is as well one of the most populated planets in the Federation. It's the third in terms of population, slightly behind Nexon. Starting as a productive Agriworld, it soon became a booming economic center. Early on, it turned into a Industrial production center, with large exports in goods, business centers, food production, entertainment and tourism. Aurora, holds many key industries and services. Still, agriculture and farming are still an important part of the economy, and It's cuisine is known beyond the borders of the Federation.


  • Reshali

A large continent, made of forested terrain on its southern part, its westernmost part and its easternmost part around the coast where the winds bring large amounts of rain. However, most of its center is covered in large cold savanna like territory. The north is a cold tundra that ends as the polar icesheet covers the northernmost tips of the continent. The internal vast plains are the source of Aurora's fame as an early agriworld. Most of it was used for agricultural purpose due to the high fertile soil. This gaves the continent quite rural looking and large farms and stock are gathered here. Its largest city is Kalimar, the second in importance of Aurora and the seat of the Judiciary Powers of the Federation.

The city of Unika, was specially made to hold Xeno populations who needed to live in Aurora. With up to 10 million Xeno citizens, it is the largest Xeno settlement in Aurora. About half of them work for the government in administration while the remainer are families and xeno who work covering the needs (such as restaurants, religious services, bars, reproductive asistance etc...). For the most part, Humans are not allowed to reside here but can go to Unika. Humans reside it the twin city of Nodika which has 3.5 million inhabitants.

  • Mentras

The warmest continent, it has the only jungles observed in the planet. Mentras is a small warm continent, with several islands on its eastern side connected through an isthmus to the continent of Dukush. Most of the activities carried on Mentras are related to tourism, mining and foresting activities. The cities here are located mostly on the coast while the interior has been left as jungle-reserves for wildlife that are quite usually toured on safaris. Its most prominent city is Mivari.

  • Arunon

A large continent. It is covered in mild and oceanic forests and covered up in lakes. Most of the weather is cold or mild and covers vast extension on the planet surface. Large mountain pics can be found here, but the most iconic picture of this continent is the lake region, which covers most of its western side as it connects to Reshali. The lakes cover up to a third of the continent and are one of the planets main sources of drinkable water. Fauna is also very large and humans mostly concentrate here. The Planetary capital of Loberith is here.

  • Dukush

Larger than Mentras but smaller than Reshali and Arunon, it is still considerably big in size. It is connected to Mentras through a small ithsmus. On that connecting region, the weather is rather warm and savannah like. It has one of the dries ecosystems all over Aurora. The rest of the continent is covered in either plains, forests and large lakes, but the further one goes towards the south, large tundras are to be seen exactly where it connects with the southern pole . The icesheets covers some parts of Dukush. Its internal plains are some of the sources for large scale agricultural production which has driven the local economy much like in Reshali. The largest city is Terinam.


The planet was one of the first worlds to be colonized after the massive exodus caused by refugees of the Imperial-Unionsit war. Many settlers flock to the nebula and Aurora, being one of the planets in the area with the most idilic conditions for life was soon one of the main settling objective of the early refugees. From here they began recreating their old way of life. But this time, due to the abscence of nobility that flew with them, the society became much more egalitarian than it had previously been and a pseudo-democracy began to develop in the planet.

Due to the agricultural fertility of the planet, Aurora soon began to flourish demographically exporting most of the excess of production to other worlds settled by refugees who werent so lucky in food production, in exchange for minerals and other rare products that those planets were forced to specialized into. This led to a network of merchant cooperation which will later be crucial for the developpment of the relations between the Thirteen founding worlds of the Lewis Federation.

Economy and Population

The population of Aurora is mostly made of Humans (96%) while the remaining are Xeno (4%). Most of the Xeno population is confined to the Xeno quarters of cities where they have to reside as Aurora has been designated within the Human Space of inhabitance. However, due to the large importance of the world and its status as "secondary" capital of the Intergalactic Federation, many Xeno want to migrate to this world. Those rules on Xeno habitation and human immigration were made to avoid Aurora from becoming a Xeno-majority world or overpopulated.

Fauna and Flora