"One of the Thirteen Founding Colonies of the Intergalactic Federation, the Former Granary of the Akai Nebulae, millions upon millions depend on its production to feed themselves, still, Aurora is much more. This Planet is home to elegance, sophistication, fashion, architecture and good cuisine. It is the epitome of classic and beauty in our Nation. It is also the place I call home." - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian.

Aurora is a Terran World, an E-Class world, located in the Albis System, rotating Albis A a White sun. It is located in the Akai Nebulae, in the Lewis Galaxy, deep into Herschel Space. It belongs to The Intergalactic Federation, and its the seat of its Judicial Power. The Planet was colonized by Refugees from the conflicts and war between the Empire and the Union. Novans and Mirdanians, helped making the planet ecosystem more suitable for the refugees by slightly terraforming this world to take the massive amount of refugees their planets could not longer bare to hold. Elysium was also subject to this slight terraforming process, but Elysium became more prominent than Aurora, thus gaining the Capital seat of the nation.

It is one of the 13 founding planets of the I.F and as such, the planet is not only one of the most important in terms of economy and population, but most notably its importance is rather symbolic and Aurora lies deep in ever I.F citizen's heart. It is also the seat of the Judicial Power, with the High Courts being placed here. This was an attempt to decentralised Elysium and was made effective quite recently.

Better known as the Granary of the Akai Nebulae, the Planet has been transformed and Agriculture, although still playing a huge part on its economy, isn't any more the main sources of the planet's income. Nowadays It is slowly switching towards services and other industries.

Aurorans are kind and proud people that have created a civilization of their own somehow, with many cultural particularities only found in the planet. They like to wear large robes and nice hair gardments. Jewellery is also very important in the nations culture. They received some influences from Tarsus, the most populated planet of the Union, due to immigration in the early days from Mirdan, which in turn had many influences from Tarsus due to many early Mirdans coming from that planet.

It is the Judicial Capital of the Federation and where the main courts are located at. It is as well one of the most populated planets in the Federation. It's the third in terms of population, slightly behind Nexon. Starting as a productive Agriworld, it soon became a booming economic center. Early on, it turned into a Industrial production center, with large exports in goods, business centers, food production, entertainment and tourism. Aurora, holds many key industries and services. Still, agriculture and farming are still an important part of the economy, and It's cuisine is known beyond the borders of the Federation.

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