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The Aurora Sphere is a huge Penrose Sphere/Nicol-Dyson Beam hybrid, utilising elements of both to generate energy and fry planets from half a galaxy away.


The Aurora Sphere is only a thousand kilometres across - hardly enough to be classified as a megastructure. Despite this, it is the most important and revered megastructures in the entire DCA. Inside, a large black hole is located, large enough to have all the stars of the Aurora Cluster as its satellites.


It is a sphere, made out of interlocking hexagons and pentagons, each on one side covered in mirrors and on the other, city. It is very populous, with the entire outside covered in high density city.


It is almost always used as a energy generation device - powering half the Democractic Commonwealth of Aurora casually. However, it can be used as a superweapon, taking a week to charge. When charged for a week, it can destabilise a star and cause it to go supernova. When charged for a month, it can make a planet or star physically dissapear in a explosion of similar energy generation and heat as the end of a supermassive black hole. Once charged for a year, the beam of light had a luminosity of a quadrillion G-class stars, making the habitable zone of the target body reach up to ten light-years, making all planets within one light-year molten and boiling hot. On the one time it was charged for over a decade, the target object was the brightest body in the entire universe for a century, rendering all worlds within 500 lightyears molten. Any world within a hundred light-years were vaporised, and all stars inside 50 lightyears went supernova. It was the most dangerous and spectacular event ever. This event marked the beginning of the Succession of Tarmalyula.


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