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The Aurora System is a stellar system consisting of one K-class star and numerous planets, loads of moons, and millions of asteroids. It is located next to the centre of the Aurora Cluster, on the outskirts of the Tarmalyula Galaxy.


The Aurora System formed 6.23 billion years ago out of the gas clouds that birthed the entire Aurora Cluster. As the star collapsed, irregluarities appeared in its protoplanetary disk. The largest of these irregularities formed the seven world of the system.

On Cloud, the second moon of Aurora, life was beggining to emerge, even in this hostile time. They emerged, grew, and colonised the entire of the Aurora Cluster. However, they were extremely centralised, and when their homeworld fell, the entire nation did along with it. However, Aurora was getting its game together, and developing life of its own.

Skip forward 6 billion years, and you will arrive in the year 34 700. A ship has wandered into the system, a ship carrying a million humans, all in hibernation. It lands on Aurora, and colonises it. Sadly, however, the new-found inhabitants of Aurora regress into savagery, and only acheive spaceflight around 400 years later, with their entire history lost. Two rogue groups break off from the whole, and colonise Borealis and Australis repectively.


The planets of the Aurora System are Beauty, Australis, Aurora, Borealis, Joy, Aspiration, and Endings. They are all heavily colonised and industralised, as per a home system of a important civilization.


Beauty is a small gas giant, currently being stripmined for gas and resources that are abundant in its atomsphere. It is a hot place, with no moons. However, it does have what is commonly known as "The Shimmer Ring," a band of a million small habitats and space stations orbiting it, that shimmer and dance in the sunlight. They make it look like Beauty has a ring system, which it does not.


Australis is a warm lush habitable world, colonised by the Australis Commonwealth, a ancient nation of Aurora that split off from the rest of the civilization. Now, it has been merged with the DCA, but it remains a rather staunch and isolationist world. It has one moon, South, no rings, and is currently undergoing a special transformation to turn it into a shellworld, with its underground layers catering to the population and the top remaining untouched.


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Aurora is the capital of the system, with a rich and wonderful history. It is a highly populous world, as well as a megastructure powerhouse. It has two moons, Sky and Cloud, that are also heavily colonised. It is a strategists dream, for it has many defensive megastrucutres and fortresses scattered everywhere in low Auroran orbit, making the planet functionally impossible to conquer.