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The Autmn Leaf tree is a common species of tree spread across planet Haven and are extremely prevalent, with a known global population of around five hundred billion. Their name comes from the appearance of their leaves, as they usually take a color akin to that of other species of trees during mid autumn. They are most prevalent in the more temperate regions of the planet, such as the continent of Pathiel, as they are known to grow there in force there.


Like most common species of trees across Haven, Autumn Leaf trees are extremely diverse, with hundreds of variations among them with a total of around one hundred and three distinct variations of Autumn Leaf. Like the Haven Oak, Autumn Leaf trees are very durable, taking around two thousand nine hundred pounds per square inch to break their structure. They produce acorns very quickly, dropping around fifteen thousand acorns in just a standard year, making a thick vibrantly colored forests in various landmasses on Haven. A typical Autumn Leaf will have many branches extending out from itself, with an average branch count of around one hundred per tree. Their wood is extremely smooth, with very few pieces of jagged bark sticking out of its structure, which doesn't seem to serve any distinct purpose, however it does give the tree a subjective aesthetically appealing look to some.

Their variation of color is by far their most distinctive trait, with Autumn Leaf trees being able to produce vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red. Often times, an individual may confuse an Autumn Leaf tree with other tree species such as Amber Log or Rose Wood due to their shared leaf coloring, but they are distinct species of tree. Funnily enough, during Haven's autumn, an Autumn Leaf tree's leaves will actually begin to turn green, making them a reverse to most tree species.


As Autumn Leaf trees are very prevalent, and their wood is fairly durable, it is often used as a constructed materiel for many buildings, much alike Haven Oak trees, with their orange-colored smooth texture often being used in very intricate furniture. Along with being used in construction, due to their vibrant colors, they are the most common species of tree kept by tree keepers, with massive acres of personally kept trees.

Like most durable species of tree on Haven, many fauna use Autumn Lead trees as nests, and particular, the countless species of birds across Haven commonly create massive colonies in just a single Autumn Leaf tree as they have massive amounts of large branches that can hold them. Other burrowing mammal fauna often create nests in areas of Autumn Leaf trees where predatory species can't reach them as well.