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The Avana Galaxy, is a barred spiral (SBc) class galaxy, located on the fringe between the Telusian Group and Herschel Space.

The Avana Galaxy is known for being located on the edges of influence from the Lewis Nations. It was the subjected to settlement by this Human nations, being this their first attempts to expand over the Telusian Group. About a third of the Avana Galaxy is currently under the Lewis Nation's control, that is mostly under Humans.

The location of the Avana Galaxy makes it very close to the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony, which happens to be allied with a few distant but cordial Lewis Nations like the Empire of Mankind.

Notable for being the birth place of the ancient Telusian Civilization, and the place that gives its name to the entire Galactic group. It is known too as the home of reversers.


The Avana Galaxy formed at the same time as its neighbors, roughly thirteen billion years ago, likely from the collision of several irregular galaxies. All of its satellites formed at the same time.

The Avana galaxy was conquered by the Lareas Alliance, shortly before their demise 6.98 billion years ago. It is hypothesized that the anomalous planet of Deralend is home to an extremely powerful device that wiped out the Lareas Alliance and every single other intelligent species in the Telusian Group, in what was known as the Deralend Event. After the Deralend Event, the Avana Galaxy, like everywhere else, was utterly lifeless, with all life being confined to unintelligent species, with nothing to shape the universe until the rise of the first other civilization over a billion years later.

The tentatively named Verelas Civilization, after arising on the planet Verelas just over six billion years ago, took advantage of the dearth of intelligent species and rapidly conquered the galaxy. However, they too encountered Deralend, which set off a weaker blast which only affected Avana itself. However, this blast still wiped out the Verelas Civilization, while leaving all of their artefacts perfectly preserved.

Not much is known about the period between the Fall of Verelas and the modern era, although many civilizations rose and fell in this time. Deralend was later ejected from the galaxy somewhere in the interim, and is located in intergalactic space as of the present day.

By 74 033 CE, some probes were launch by Federal forces into the Galaxy and by 76 001 CE, so did the Union. The Empire also launched some probes in 76 762 CE. Still, it wasn't until 76 821 CE that the first manned mission was sent by the Federation. Soon after, the Empire hastily sent its own manned mission. The Federation sent a mission and colonized the Planet Ulfilas. Soon after, Taukan was colonized by the Empire to control travel routes and potential spots, but Imperial presence remained small. The Union also sent a mission and colonized Hathor.



  • U'uumu

Are a species that have evolved substantially and live on a sector within the Avana Galaxy. They have good relations with their foreign invaders. Most notably with the Federation and the United Alliance who has an embassy world in their territory, their only planet in the Avana Galaxy. It serves as an embassy not only for U'uumu but to other Human and Alien nations in the Galaxy

  • Peiko

Are a species living in the galaxy in a process of expanding. They cant inhabit planets with oxygen, so they live in planets with large amounts of other gases. They are similar to Birds. Their homeworld is Eik. They are highly autocratic and have a somehow socialistic behaviour.

  • Kenedes

Are a species on a primitive stage, believed to have been in another time similar to the Peiko but invaded by either the Telusian or the Axons and made slaves. Some survived although it isn't clear if the planet they inhabit currently is their homeworld or if they were transported and survived the cataclysm that destroyed their invaders civilization, being them the only species that survived. They are under protection of the Intergalactic Federation who has preserved them in Kenen, their planet.


  • Asons

Remainers of the Axon civilization after collapse. Some Axons, cut off from their civilization, have evolved to become the current Asons, which are similar but not alike to their former ancestors. They have preserved a corrupted version of their previous name. They have evolved to some early space nation, with some colonies. They remain closed for the most part and in their sector. They havent colonized more than a dozen systems.

Coming from a different Cluster, most humans settled the Avana Galaxy rather than others. The vast majority come from the Intergalactic Federation and the Union. The Empire has a small presence in the Galaxy, mostly in the outside branches of the Galaxy, being Taukan is mayor world. The United Alliance presence is really minimal, with only possession of one embassy planet, Okiva, in the Galaxy

They remained on the fringes of the Galaxy. A nearby Galaxy has been entirely dominated by them, the only one in the cluster to be fully Krizik. The first Krizik came from there and settled the Avana Galaxy. Here, although smaller in size to other species, they are still relevant in terms of population, territorial size, economy and army in the Avana Galaxy.

They have also some little presence. Most of them belong to the Aldorian Dominium or the Aldorian Confederacy and are thus peaceful for Federal forces and others. Some Aldorians also live in the United Alliance Embassy world of Okiva.


The Galaxy was inhabited in the Past by the Axon Civilization who colonized it. Previous to the Axon's, it was the home galaxy of the warrior like Telusian Civilization, thanks to whom the entire cluster got its name, due to its importance and size. The Axons and the Telusians were not contemporaries. Telusian artifacts were highly considered by the Axons. Their home planet and Capital, Telusia, is nowadays a planet of the Federation. The Telusian Civilization did not named itself at such, it was humans who gave them the same name of their Homeplanet and Capital after its human name. They called themselves Obi'ka and their Capital and homeworld was known as Maka'bi. Still, they are mostly known as Telusians by Humans and other species. Telusia remains the capital of the Cluster and the sector, even though it has not the biggest population of the Cluster nor is the most relevant. That is, for the Federation.