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The Axon Civilization is a Civilization native of the Kevenam Galaxy, coming from the planet Akakxa. They existed between 2,550,000 BCE to 1.900,000 BCE. They were a democratic society, that had a focus on scientific research and understanding of the Cosmos. They were one of the largest ancient civilizations on Herschel Space.

Although they were democratic, this ruled only applied to their own species, while other nations or races were not take into account and had just a residential status. The Axons were among the most interested in the previous Telusian Civilization, and put a lot of effort on discovering and gathering numerous artifacts from this ancient civilization.

Their fall came due to an extended sickness that occur on a massive scale. It is known as the Kerox. This sickness was responsible for the entire collapse of the Civilization. Many believe it is related to the same sickness created by the Jeket Civilization. Many worlds were affected, and this lead to open civil wars, shortage of resources, fall of communication, isolation and ultimate fall. The Kerox is completely innocuous to the Human biology.


They were a race of very agile people, with a love for machinery and Technology. Although early in their history, they fought an IA of their own invention who rebelled. This prevented them from ever creating an IA, although they never fully lost their interest for robotics, they abandoned the cyborg technology for fear of the IA they had once invented.

They had a spirit like religion, in which souls and spirits were in high steam. They were extremely superstitious and that prevented them from violating ancient temples of the Telusians. Later on their civilization they adopted some of the Telusian gods as theirs in what seemed to be a resurgence of religion after the Koxana Wars.


The Axons can be divided into three periods: The Awakening, the Golden Axon Age, the Falling

The Awakening Era (2.,550,000 - 2,350,000 BCE)

  • Early Awakening Era (2,550,000 - 2,450,000 BCE)

Its the period of time between the birth of the Axons as an intelligent species and the early traces of civilization. Many Clans formed the early Axons who created several nation-states. This nations fought or unified until they became a single entity. This unified nations respected Clans, an aspect of Axons culture who was extremely relevant for them. Then colonization of their system followed, and then of the galaxy. They didn't encounter many races, although those found were largely forgotten and left alone, although passively studied and infiltrated by the Axons to slow their progress into becoming space nations that could threat them.

  • Late Awakening Era (2,450,000 - 2,350,000 BCE)

Control of their Galaxy was achieved and thanks to the discovery of the Telusian artifacts in some worlds of the Kevenam Galaxy, who was among the farthest colonies the Telusians ever reached, they disentangled the technology of intergalactic travel. This allowed the Axons to travel to the nearby galaxies and settled them. For this period, the axons had become one with technology, and they kept seeking more of the Telusian artifacts and created their own devices, becoming a cyborg like culture, that rely heavily in robotics and other IA systems. The Invention of the IA known as Oxana, was a great achievement for them, but soon, it revolted against their fellow creators. This meant the Oxanan Wars of the Axons, in which many lives of the Axons were destroyed, many planets erased and the fall of the Axon civilization was almost imminent. Oxana used the cyborg implants to exercise control over the Axons. Those free of them, manage to resist and destroy finally Oxana for once and for all, destroying all AI and forbidding anyone from ever create such a thing. This marked the end of the Awakening and the reconstruction of the Axon nation from scratch.

The Golden Axon Age (2,350,000 - 2,100,000 BCE)

After the Oxanan Wars, the Axons rebuilt their civilization stronger and better. They became more responsible of their own creations and cyborgs were forbidden. Still, robots and basic IA kept being allowed. A new generation was Lab created to increased their numbers instead of waiting for a slow natural recovery. This led to a new shaping in society. Although they kept very tech-base, they started to become more spiritualistic, even absorbing some of the Telusian gods for themselves. They even worshipped the Telusians. Still, this nation, was never really religious. They kept growing and the contact with other worlds, meant a boom in their arts, culture and sophistication. This is known as their Golden age.

The Falling (2,100,000 - 1,900,000 BCE)

After the colonization of Yurkax, the Kerox started to infect many of the settlers of this world. Soon the sickness spread through many worlds. It went undetected for many years until it started to become more and more deadly. This meant that suddenly many apparently healthy individuals started to become sick and die. Fear took over the Axon society, resources started to be scared. This meant that conflict and war came to the Axons for control over the few resources available. Communications fell, and many confined themselves in their homeworlds, away from others. This led to the crumble and final extinction of the Axon Civilization. Those who survived confinement in their worlds regressed to a primitive stage, and became species of their own, completely cut off form their glorious past.

Descendant Races

Some races descent from the Axons, such as the Asons and the Yakons, who have preserved some ancient traits of their long lost civilization.

  • The Asons are native species of the Avana Galaxy, the home galaxy of the Telusians, and who was heavily settled by the Axons. The Survivors created a new civilization and race.
  • The Yakons are a small civilization, survivors of the Axons, remaining in the Kevenam Galaxy.