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Aylathiya's Sphere is a large Penrose Sphere located at the center of Via Aylathiya. The Structure surrounds the supermassive black hole Central Aylathia, and has been in operation since the ~47,000 CE. Initially, Aylathiya's Sphere was constructed by Sedrua to generate power for the nation. It was greatly used by Sedrua, though it fell into relative disarray upon the Great Aylathiya Rebellion. For then on, of Aylathiya's Sphere was a decaying husk of metal, holding no purpose or population until after the Commonwealth's Eclipse. Today, it is best known for its high population and energy output, which is utilized all across Via Aylathiya.

Aylathiya's Sphere is currently managed by Vaspujian, a member nation of the Commonwealth. During a period of post-war expansion, it was Vaspujian which utilized Central Aylathia, aiming to rebuild the aging structure for energy purposes. It took many centuries, but international collaboration resulted in its eventual reconstruction. Energy has since been distributed through the Commonwealth, and its allies powering an immeasurable amount of worlds and habitats. Vaspujian has taken pride in rebuilding Aylathiya's Sphere, though the nation has stated that it belongs to all of Aylathiya.

The makeup of Aylathiya's Sphere is intricate, with thousands of sectors dedicated to the upkeep of the structure. The Sphere can be summarized into two broad sections however, them being a power-making Interior section, and a populated Exterior section. The interior consists of the mirrors and energy collectors which extracts energy by the means of Super-Radial Scattering. It is thinly populated by citizens, instead being operated by overseers and automated networks. The exterior is where the majority of the population resides, living in urban centers on top of the mirrors. They profit directly from the energy, making them a relatively wealthy area of the galaxy.

Economic Value

The economic value of Aylathiya's Sphere is immense, as its success makes it one of the most populated and lucrative realms in the Commonwealth. As mentioned prior, it is best known for the export of energy, which is sent to member nations and Commonwealth allies. However, Aylathiya's Sphere has also garnered a high level of imports, allowing it to create a large amount of products. As such, Aylathiya's Sphere is also known for its great factories, which have allowed it to become economically active on multiple sects. The economy is also driven by tourism, as Aylathiya's Sphere has some of the highest rates in Via Aylathiya.


Aylathiya's Sphere first began as a mega-engineering project, made by Sedrua to supply power and resources for the nation. Construction began in the year 118,276 BCE, as Sydiah's Architects pushed to complete the structure and enforce Sedruan dominance. It took 3,533 years until construction was completed, with Aylathiya's Sphere activating in 114,743 BCE. For much of its history, Sedrua used Aylathiya's Sphere as leverage for control, distributing its energy to power advanced technology. This period of opulence ended long after, as the Great Aylathiya Rebellion began in 11,691 BCE.

As distant areas of Sedrua began to rebel, the parent nation grew deep into isolationism. While Aylathiya's Sphere was very useful, it was abandoned as Sedrua pulled itself away. Sedrua decided to secure a field of automated defenses and traps around Central Aylathiya, ensuring that nobody would be able to exploit the Sphere. The Sphere itself was partially dismantled as well. Aylathiya's Sphere stood ruined for most of its lifespan. As the Local Universe evolved around it, the structure experienced a slow decay in its integrity. Clouds of debris filled up its area, though the defenses stood as vigilant as ever.

It was until the 8,000s BCE did the newly formed Commonwealth show any interest in Aylathiya's Sphere. Upon re-discovery, the Commonwealth was faced with advanced defense systems, thwarting any attempt of exploration. The area around Aylathiya's Sphere was cornered off, something which lasted thousands of years. Activity around the Sphere was very minimal, though it exploded during the onset of Commonwealth's Eclipse. At the beginning of the conflict, Sagittarium succeeded from the Commonwealth and decided to take the Sphere for itself. It declared war on essentially all of its neighbors in the fragmented Commonwealth, hoping to gain territory and dismantle future opposition. Aylathiya's Sphere was a valuable target, causing the war for the object to be both long-lasting and deadly.

At the height of Sagittarium's attacks, it occupied much of the weakened Golomian Confederacy and set its sights to Aylathiya's Sphere. Despite several warnings by the late Golomian Confederacy, Sagittarium sent large numbers of expansionary forces into the area. One force caught a glimpse of Central Aylathiya, and despite being so close, an ancient fleet created by Sedrua initiated hostilities. No other expeditionary force was able to get so close to Aylathiya's sphere, closing it off Central Aylathiya once again. In 41,259 CE, all plans of re-colonization were abandoned as Sagittarium pulled out of the war.

Well after the Eclipse, the thought to rebuild Aylathya's Sphere returned. The new republic Vaspujian was convinced that if it could dismantle Sedrua's defenses, then it could ultimately use the Sphere for energy. After several months of planning, Vaspujian directed several companies of vessels to the hazardous structure. Initial failure gave way to promising success, as the defense network was taken down. Now that the area was safe, expeditions went underway to explore.

Aylathiya's Sphere took decades to explore and document. Some Sedruan technology was salvaged and researched, which helped Vaspujian know the Sphere and its capabilities. After the initial survey, Vaspujian's government set up infrastructure by the Sphere. Colonization and expedition teams were sent to Central Aylathiya. it took until 47,036 CE for the process to be completed. Reconstruction of the Sphere itself started soon after, as Vaspujian officially began the largest reconstruction project in the galaxy. It continued for multiple centuries, eventually being finished in the mid 47,000s. At that point, the Commonwealth was in possession of one of the most powerful megastructures in Via Aylathiya.

Tests were conducted to verify the condition of Aylathiya's Sphere. Upon its re-activation, the sheer amount of energy production was almost unbearable. Vaspujian realized that it could share this energy with much of the Commonwealth, jump-starting a period of post-war expansion and opulence. With the help of Aylathiya's Sphere, the reformed Commonwealth quickly grew to become Aylathiya's economic superpower. This persisted even through Aylathiya's Totality and the War of the Ancients.