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Aylothn's Sphere is a Penrose Sphere located at the center of Aylothn. The Structure surrounds the supermassive black hole of Central Aylathia. Initially, Aylothn's Sphere was constructed by Sedrua to generate power for the nation. It was hardly used, however, being abandoned shortly after its completion due to intranational rebellion and isolationism. For most of its lifespan, Aylothn's Sphere was a decaying husk of its former self, holding no purpose or large-scale population until well after the War of the Ancients. Today, it is best known for its high population and energy output, which is utilized all across the Commonwealth.

Aylothn's Sphere is currently managed by Vaspujian, a member nation of the Commonwealth. During a period of post-war expansion, it would be Vaspujian which would utilize Central Aylathia, aiming to reconstruct the aging structure for energy purposes. It would take many years, but international collaboration would result in Aylothn's Sphere being remade. Energy has since been distributed through the Commonwealth, powering many worlds and habitats. Vaspujian has taken pride in rebuilding much of Aylothn's Sphere, though the nation has stated that it belongs to the Commonwealth as a whole.

The structure of Aylothn's Sphere is intricate, with many sectioned-off zones with distinct purposes. However, it can be summarized into two broad sections. Aylothn's Sphere is described to have a power-making Interior section, and a populated Exterior section. The interior consists of a large Penrose Sphere, which extracts energy by the means of Super-Radial Scattering. It is thinly populated by citizens, instead being operated by overseers and automated networks. The exterior is where the majority of the population resides, resting in urban facilities that profit directly from high amounts of energy.

Economic Value

The economic value of Aylothn's Sphere is immense, as its success makes it one of the most populated and lucrative realms in the Commonwealth's area. As mentioned prior, it is best known for the export of energy. However, Aylothn's Sphere has garnered a high level of imports, which allows it to create products. As such, Aylothn's Sphere is also known for its exports of such, elevating it economically. The value of Aylothn's Sphere has also let it create a force for local star systems, exporting minerals while expanding upon its infrastructure. The economy is also driven by tourism, as Aylothn's Sphere has some of the highest rates in Aylothn.


Aylothn's Sphere first began as a mega-engineering project, made by Sedrua to supply power and resources for the nation. Construction began in the year 48,276 BCE, as Sydiah's Architects pushed to complete the structure and enforce Sedruan dominance. It would take 3,533 years until construction was completed, with Aylothn's Sphere activating in 44,743 BCE. For about 14 thousand years, Sedrua would use Aylothn's Sphere as leverage for control, distributing its energy to power advanced technology. Full-scale opulence would not last much after that, as the Age of Revolution began in the 38,000s BCE. As distant areas of Sedrua began a strenuous process of revolt, the parent nation would grow deep into isolationism. While Aylothn's Sphere was very useful, it was later abandoned as Sedrua pulled out its assets. Sedrua would go on to secure a field of defenses and traps around Central Aylathia, ensuring that nobody would re-activate the Sphere.

Aylothn's Sphere would remain like this for most of its lifespan. As the Local Universe evolved around it, it would experience slow decay in its structure. Clouds of debris would fill up the area around Aylothn's Sphere, though the defenses would stay active. It would be until the formation of the Commonwealth would any major nation find Aylothn's Sphere again. It was then subject to various exclusion zones, preventing hope for reconstruction of the Sphere. As years passed, the structures would decay, though Central Aylathia was still described to be dangerous. By Aylothn's Totality though, secrets relating to Aylothn's Sphere would be revealed. It would prove useful for exploring Central Aylathia, with the defenses being disabled in 65,931 CE. It would be Vaspujian which would explore the ruined structure, populating it with researchers and archeologists.

Not much activity would take place inside Aylothn's Sphere, however, as the large structure would take ages to explore and document. Available technology was able to be salvaged and researched, which helped researchers to know the layout of the Sphere. Vaspujian, observing the potential in such a structure, would send extended teams to evaluate the Sphere. It would not be until the 75,000s when it would be fully cataloged through international effort. Light colonization began not long after, started by Vaspujian in an attempt to control Central Aylathia. This would continue for thousands of years more, though it began a period of reconstruction. Automated systems would be employed by Vaspujian, which would intricately rebuild the structure over a very long period. The War of the Ancients would not halt this by much, though reconstruction around Aylothn's Sphere would rise after the war. Eventually, automated forces completed much of the workaround Aylothn's Sphere, making some sections usable. It would slowly be rebuilt and populated to where it is today.