"The saffron glimmers of Aylathia, blessing the universe in its protection, will house the great empires and allow propagation of new ages. The blessed sons of Sydiah will bear witness to the rise of her true children. Children of might, vigor, power, and determination. With the close of The Ancients, the rise of new domains will further the homeland's influence in the universe. Expansion, one of culture and history, will let the homeland grow and live a second life." - The Great Sedruan Prophecies, Aylothn Galaxy Section I.


The Aylothn Galaxy is an unbarred spiral galaxy, located near the center of the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group. the Aylothn Galaxy is the largest galaxy in the Aylothn Galaxy-Sagittaria Group, housing over two times as many stars as the Via Sagittaria Galaxy, and is the home galaxy of numerous civilizations. Most notably, the Aylothn Galaxy is the central galaxy to the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, one of the most prominent forces in the entire Aylothn-Sagittaria Group. The massive nature of the Aylothn Galaxy has also made it a great place for resource extraction and colonialism, and as such many colonies have appeared inside the clouds of it.

Most importantly, the Aylothn Galaxy's size has given it an abundance of life, resources, and intricacies which are unrivaled by most known galactic objects. This has allowed numerous species, ancient and modern, to rise and live life entirely within its deep saffron clouds. As nations rose and fell, the ones which are known today rose up and formed the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, which still prospers even after civil conflicts and intergalactic warfare. The nations which exist in the Aylothn Galaxy have had a more than profound effect on its intragalactic environment as well.

The Aylothn Galaxy was named after the ancient Sedruan word Aylathia, which approximately translates to Mighty Land. It has since adopted the nickname of "The Galaxy of Might", which relates to the eras of the ancient empires, as well as the Commonwealth. Many of its systems, which were seeded with life and development by the nation of Sedrua, rose to power and created the Commonwealth in due time. Now, the Aylothn Galaxy is revered for being one of the most developed, populated, and wealthy areas of space.



Deep in the confines of the Aylothn Galaxy, there exist a multitude of civilizations, which have sprung up from and in the absence of Sedrua. In the many millennia since unified galactic control, these factions have spread and made their home all across the galaxy. Deep culture, which reside from nations of ages past, still effect the ones today, which allow civilizations to share commonality. As of the modern day, the intragalactic landscape is relatively peaceful, with civilizations still being created and administered. The Commonwealth of United Economic Nations reigns as the most dominant power in the Aylothn Galaxy, containing ancient superpowers and undivided influence.

Civilizations which reside in the Aylothn Galaxy
Name & Flag Location Capital Species Government Civilization Type
Economic States of Saw-Yos Flag.png
Economic States of Saw-Yos
Nerichi PlanetIcon.pngCromxe Sah'ors Federal Republic of States Type 3.015
Empire of Lyncis
Mecriea PlanetIcon.pngRalteyo Lyncisians Constitutional Monarchy Type 2.779
Foswoaca Interstellar Union Flag.png
Foswoaca Interstellar Union
Cenades PlanetIcon.pngLipiclite Qhaunkruds Federal Republic of States Type 3.026
Free Systems of Hivol
Holara Hinterlands PlanetIcon.pngHivol Phazaels Technocracy Type 2.904
Lowzyol Federation Flag.png
Lowzyol Federation
Nerichi PlanetIcon.pngLowrokira Zythyns Corporate Liberal Democracy Type 3.002
Nisrine Mind Flag.png
Nisrine Collective
Holara Hinterlands PlanetIcon.pngNisrine Nisranians Justicular Type 2.9
Ochya-Baros Federation of Eqeyun Flag.png
Ochya-Baros Federation of Eqeyun
Eqeyun Sector/Nerichi PlanetIcon.pngPoratus Timporians Social Corporatocracy Type 3.031
Ruccoia MegastructureIcon.pngB'Kalatala The Architects Theocratic Oligarchy Type 3.031
Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems Flag.png
Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems
Cenades PlanetIcon.pngGruxugawa Scrergeaths Social Democracy Type 3.025
Socialist Planets of Taitheia
Holara Hinterlands PlanetIcon.pngTaitheia Scrergeaths Socialist Worker's Federation Type 2.843
Thulcandran Federation
Holara Hinterlands PlanetIcon.pngThulcandria Humans Techno-Corporate Federation Type 2.948
Vaspujian Federate League
Mecriea PlanetIcon.pngDewoo-Dade Cocziens Democratic Federation Type 3.036


The Aylothn Galaxy has a multitude of locations, which have been divided into culturally and politically agreed upon sectors. There is also a system of directions, which are listed as coreward, rimward, spinward, and antispinward. A set of more cardinal directions, which have been created for alignment of maps, have also been created with standard north, south, east, and west directions. These are not regularly used for travel in the Aylothn Galaxy, and hold an exclusive position in mapping systems. A political map of the Aylothn Galaxy and its sectors is displayed below: (To be edited according to new nation plans.)

CUEN-AylothnMap - Copy.png

Crown of the Aylothn

The maroon colors of the Crown, which sit atop the saffron scape of the Aylothn Galaxy like a gem.

The Crown of the Aylothn (Often referred to as The Crown) is arguably the most important sector of the Aylothn Galaxy, since it holds a very high concentration of star systems. It is the center of the Aylothn Galaxy, and it contains the central black hole, the Eye of the Aylothe which influences all objects within. The Crown of the Aylothn holds a high level of superluminous stars, which provide a large level of energy production for the nations of the galaxy. Currently, the Crown of the Aylothn is inhabited by the Vaspujian Federate League and the Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems, which have since become the lead energy producers and product manufacturers for the Commonwealth. The power of the Crown has been heavily referred to in folklore and legends, which is what donned it the name.

Throughout intragalactic history, the Crown of the Aylothn has remained in a fairly inert and less chaotic state, especially considering the spirals of Rutun and Eqeyun. The center of the Crown, which is inhabited by the Eye of the Aylothe, has had an attempted pensrose sphere and birch planet in the past, which has the potential to become the primary population center for the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group. This object, the Commonwealth's Sphere, has been heavily inhabited, and will soon act like a super radial scattering station. If successful, the Commonwealth will foresee an age of opulence and progress, with the values of the black hole being exploited.

In its early days however, the Crown of the Aylothn was primary inhabited by Sedrua, before the days of isolationism and regression. Known to be the most secure area of intergalactic Sedrua, it was the final area to be pruned and abandoned, as fear and isolationism settled in the nation. In its wake, the Commonwealth rose and took the Crown, now being the dominant force of the Aylothn Galaxy. Since the CUENs ascent as the lords of the saffron clouds, it has been utilized heavily, as explained above.

There appear to be no major species which are native to the Crown of Aylothn. This is probably from the more treacherous conditions, as well as Sedruan domination. Since ~7,000 BCE, budding species have been seen in the clouds of the Crown - with the minute selection of sapient species being uplifted while others have been left to their own worlds. It has become a lively and heavily populated area, one of commercialism, industry, commerce, and progress.

Rutun Sector

An area which delves deep in the clouds of the Rutun Spiral.

The Rutun Sector (Also called the Sector of the Lesser Spiral) is a desolate yet promising region in the Aylothn Galaxy, as it covers the entire spiral of Rutun and its surrounding area. It holds a high potential for power, industry, and civilizations as the spiral of Rutun has a thick density of star systems. Currently, there exist no nations which reside in the Rutun Sector (Will change the map and some lore to reflect this soon!) in any major capacity. This is likely from the chaotic nature of its interior, as well as the advancements in the Eye of the Aylothe in the Crown. However, it is relatively close to the nation of Sedrua, as well as the Vaspujian Federate League. It is believed that the sector may soon become the hub of future expansion, as major powers seek to gain control over the entire area. Nonetheless, Rutun itself is the smallest of the three major spirals, being much smaller than the Crown, and nearly half the size of the greater spiral. As such, it is not thought that major use will be seen in several millennia.

The Rutun Sector has held a rather peaceful history, with its most major events pertaining to the galactic collision which forged it. The spiral of Rutun, which now holds a nature of star birth and chaos, was utilized by Sedrua in the ancient days of intergalactic politics, though it was favored less than the Eye of the Aylothe. In the years since Sedrua's fall, the area of the Rutun Sector has remained primarily uninhabited, though the modern-day version of Sedrua now seeks to reclaim ancient area in its twisty and enticing clouds of the lesser spiral.

Eqeyun Sector

A casual area in the Eqeyun Sector, which shows unstable yet lively clouds, donned in the usual saffron color.

The Eqeyun Sector (Also called the Sector of the Greater Spiral) is a very well developed and inhabited area of the Aylothn Galaxy. It is inhabited by the Ochya-Baros Federation of Eqeyun, the Free Systems of Hivol, and the Snuatzia-Shington Interstellar Communal Systems to some extent. The Eqeyun sector covers the second sub-spiral of the Aylothn Galaxy, Eqeyun. The sector is very much under the influence of the OBFE, as the entity controls a large portion of the star systems. In total, the Eqeyun Sector holds a very well developed area of population, and as a result is a very economically active area for the Aylothn Galaxy. The Eqeyun Sector is also very much a politically active area, as many nations strive to hold influence over its unlocked potential.

The Eqeyun Sector is a very important facet to the history of the Aylothn Galaxy, being mentioned numerous times in the Great Sedruan Prophecies, as well as holding a unique position in conflicts, diplomacy, and condition of the Aylothn Galaxy itself. Through ancient history, Sedrua utilized the striking power of the greater spiral to help create the Intergalactic Gateway Network. Much like its two similar regions, the Crown and the Rutun Sector, the Eqeyun Sector has held a high level of powerful stars, which is what gives it the potential it has. It is one of the densest regions for megastructures in the Aylothn Galaxy as well, ahead of the Via Aurum yet behind the Crown of the Aylothn.



Arguably the most influential species in the Local Universe, the Timporians are a very major species of the Commonwealth. Yielding from the spiral of Eqeyun, the Timporians have since risen up and establish the Ochya-Baros Federation of Eqeyun, accepting and integrating many other nations in their path. Their nation stands as a very influential power in the Eqeyun Sector, and stays strong as one of the most influential Great Powers.

Ever since the War of the Ancients, Timporians in particular have seen the great potential in trading with the Quintet Puontari Federations. This gave rise to a heavy amount of diplomacy between the Commonwealth and the QPF, something which still holds strong today. This has reaffirmed the natural tendancy of trading and bartering in Timporians, as well as their capability of taking risks.

Unidentified or Incomplete Icon.png
  • Homeworld: PlanetIcon.png Hivol PlanetIcon.png
  • National Affiliation: Free Systems of Hivol
  • Unique Attributes: Semi-Expansionist Authoritarian Isolationist Non-Adaptive

The Phazaels, residing as one of the lesser populated major species of the Commonwealth, is known for their reserved nature and non-expansionism when it comes to space travel. They are the centerpiece species for a CUEN member nation names the Free Systems of Hivol. Shortly after the innovation of superluminal technology, the Phazaels formed together to form their nation, seeking to unite all Phazaels and to push for lives of eternal bliss.

Seeking to live a permanent life in post-scarcity, expansion of their species was much slower than average, and often seen as needless. The Phazaels stagnated for a long period, assuming control over a small selection of star systems in the Aylothn Galaxy. Considering the less nomadic nature of the Phazaels, as well as their more nurturing and peaceful mindset, they remained still until Commonwealth admission. Ever since then, the Phazaels have slowly made their way across the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group, becoming more expansionist.









Suvaren's Hinterlands

Peleunsk's Hinterlands

Holara Hinterlands


Satellite Galaxies

Peleunsk Galaxy

Suvaren Galaxy

Zalanthium Galaxy


Primordial Era (13,800,000,000 BCE - 216,100 BCE)

Age of Sedrua (216,100 BCE - 7,500 BCE)

Age of the Commonwealth (7,500 BCE - 40,976 CE)

Commonwealth's Eclipse (39,976 - 41,356 CE)

Age of Stagnancy (41,521 - 65,753 CE)

The War over Heaven (65,753 - 65,926 CE)

Age of Prosperity (65,926 - 88,072 CE)

The War of the Ancients (88,072 CE - 88,805 CE)

Age of Unrest (88,805 - Present)

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